Commonly used medicines

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abortivus, a, umabortifacient, a drug inducing or causing abortion
anaestheticus, a, umanesthetic, a drug causing temporary loss of bodily sensations
analgeticus, a, umanalgetic (analgesic), a drug relieving pain
antacidus, a, umantacid, a drug preventing, neutralizing, or counteracting acidity (e. g. of the stomach)
antiallergicus, a, umantiallergic (antiallergenic), a drug preventing or relieving allergies
antibioticus, a, umantibiotic, a drug destroying or inhibiting the growth of other microorganisms
anticoagulans, antisanticoagulant, a drug preventing blood clotting
antidiarrhoicus, a, umantidiarrheal, a drug preventing or stopping diarrhoea
antidiureticus, a, umantidiuretic, a drug limiting the formation of urine
antipyreticus, a, umantipyretic, a drug reducing fever
antisepticus, a, umantiseptic, a drug inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and thus preventing infection
antispasticus, a, umantispastic (antispasmodic), a drug relieving or preventing spasms, especially of smooth muscles
cardiostimulans, antiscardiac stimulant, a drug stimulating the function of the heart
contraceptivus, a, umcontraceptive, a drug preventing conception
desinficiens, entisdisinfectant, a drug preventing infection by inhibiting the growth or action of microorganisms
detoxicans, antisdetoxicant, a drug counteracting poisoning
diureticus, a, umdiuretic, a drug increasing the formation of urine
emeticus, a, umemetic, a drug inducing nausea and vomiting
expectorans, antisexpectorant, a drug facilitating the secretion or expulsion of phlegm or mucus from the respiratory tract
hypnoticus, a, umhypnotic, a drug inducing sleep
hypotonicus, a, umantihypertensive, a drug decreasing blood pressure
chemotherapeuticus, a, umchemotherapeutic, a drug that is selectively destructive to malignant cells and tissues
laxativus, a, um (laxans, antis)laxative (purgative), a drug facilitating or increasing bowel movements
narcoticus, a, umnarcotic, a drug that blunts senses (e. g. opium, morphine, belladonna, alcohol), and that is used in medicine to relieve pain, cause sedation and induce sleep
obstipans, antisantidiarrheal, a drug providing relief for diarrhoea
prophylacticus, a, umprophylactic, a drug defending or protecting from a disease or infection
relaxans, antisrelaxant, a drug relaxing and relieving muscular or nervous tension
sedativus, a, umsedative (tranquilizer), a drug inducing sedation by reduction of irritability or excitement
spasmolyticus, a, umantispasmodic (spasmolytic), a drug suppressing muscle spasms
stimulans, antisstimulant, a drug exciting any bodily function, especially those that stimulate the brain and CNS
stomachicus, a, umstomachic, a drug stimulating gastric digestion and relieving discomfort of stomach pain
vasoconstringens, entisvasoconstrictor, a drug that causes narrowing (vasoconstriction) of walls of blood vessels
vasodilatans, antisvasodilator, a drug that causes dilatation (vasodilatation) of walls of blood vessels

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