Common skin disorders

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Question Answer
Acnepilosebaceous follicles with increased sebum and keratin
Acne infectionpropionibacterium acnes --> obstruction (comedones) and inflammation (papules/pustules, nodules, cysts)
Acne treatmentretinoids, benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics
Atopic dermatitispruritic eruption, commonly on skin flexures, increased serum IgE
Allergic contact dermatitistype IV hypersensitivity reaction at site of contact
Melanocyte nevuscommon benign mole, intradermal nevi are papular, junctional nevi are flat macules
Psoriasispapules and plaques with silvery scaling, acanthosis with parakeratotic scaling, pinpoint bleeding spots from exposure of dermal papillae
Psoriasis skin layers affectedincreased stratum spinosum, decreased stratum granulosum
Rosaceainflammatory facial skin disorder characterized by erythematous papules and pustules, may be associated with external stimuli (alcohol, heat)
Seborrheic keratosisflat, greasy, pigmented squamous epithelial proliferation with keratin-filled cysts; Leser-Trelat sign - sudden appearance of multiple seborrheic keratoses, indicating underlying malignany (GI, lymphoid)
Verrucaewarts caused by HPV, epidermal hyperplasia, hyperkeratosis, koilocytosis; condyloma acuminatum on genitals
Urticariahives, pruritic wheals that form after mast cell degranulation, superficial dermal edema and lymphatic channel dilation