Common ED Procedures

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Question Answer
Intubationthe placement of a tube into an external or internal orifice of the body
Nasogastric tube NG tubeinserted through the nose and into the stomach to remove stomach contents or to give feedings or medications
Gastrostomy tube G tube/ feeding tubea tube that is inserted directly into the stomach contents through a surgical incision
Cathetera tin, flexible tube that carries fluids into or out of the body
Indwelling bladder cateter (Foley Cath)inserted to drain urine, drains though tube and collects into plastic bag
Non-dwelling bladder catheter (Straight Cath)inserted to drain urine and remove immediately
Thrombolysisthe breakdown of a blood clot
Reduce (as in fracture / dislocation)to restore to usual relationship or alignment
Conscious sedationa state of anesthesia in which the patient is conscious but is rendered free of fear and anxiety
Incision a cut made for surgical purposes
Incision and Drainage (I & D)procedure performed to drain an abscess
Incision and Removal (I & R)procedure performed to remove a subcutaneous (beneath the skin) foreign body