Common drugs

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benzo antagonistflumazenil
drys air way secretion is a side effectanticholinergic agents like atropine and scopolamine
promote emesis(nausea and vomitting)opioids
prevent N/Vsteroids
anti-inflam effectssteroids
Mallampati Classification
ASA physical status classificationPS1-normal healthy pt, PS2-mild systemic dz, no functional limitation 3. severe systemic dz, functional limitation 4. severe systemic dz that is a constant threat to life 5. moribund pt not expected to live 6. organ donor
least toxic amidelidocaine
longest acting amide but has the greatest cardio toxicitybupivacaine(marcaine)
long acting amide but less cardio effects than marcaineropivicaine
esters are not commonly used but note they are not as toxic as amides because___they are metabolized by the blood stream
what drugs interact with esters that you should beware ofNSAIDS, diuretics, anti-gout that contains sulfur
Avoid use of local anesthetics in ____infants
sedating the pt without suppressing their cardiovascular or respiratory effectsMAC
MAC sedative that produces retrograde amnesiabenzo
MAC sedative that has NO analgesia effectspropofol hypnotic
what are the 3 types of MAC sedativesbenzo, barbiturates, propofol hypnotic
What are the inhaled MAC anesthetics?same as general inhaled anesthetics along with nitrous oxide
General halogenated anesthetic that is fast and smells nicehalothane
General halogenated anesthetic that is fast and is NOT associated with arrhythmiasisoflurane
General halogenated anesthetic that is expensive and smells horriblesevoflurane
Do NOT suppress the perception of painful stimuliinhaled general anesthetics

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Different types of wound closureprimary-allowing the edges to proximate(surgeon closes with sutures) secondary-allowing wound to close on its own, tertiary-delayed primary intention
Tissue response to injuryAll the factors increase except TSH decreases
Skin healing steps1.Vascularization and inflammation 2. re-epithelialization 3. grannulation REQUIRED for healing 4. matrix formation 5. wound contracts 6. neovascularization 7. matrix and collagen remodel(replacing type 3 collagen with type 1)
Negative nitrogen balance results in delay _________ formation, wound ____ will be impaired, and ____ will be dysfunction thus can't ____delay matrix formation, wound remodeling will be impaired, phagocytes adn other shit will be dysfunction thus cant clear out infection
Nutrients-What is required for Vitamin A transport(required for healing)zince
Horizontal mattress is used for ____ wounds, pros___, con____: longer wounds, strong and easier to strangulate skin edges, con-time consuming
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distal tingling but you regain tingling(nerve block gone wrong)neuropraxia
seen in crush injuries (sensation returns after weeks to months)axonotmesis
Complete severing of the nerve(irreversible)neurotamesis
Stump neuroma is an example of _ neurotamesis
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schwann cells cannot support axon growth after ___ weeks8
villeaux's sign is worse?
specific plasma marker for skeletal muscle damageskeletal troponin 1
treating someone with fluids who has kidney failure can lead toCHF
pts with kidney failure have ___ levels of ____, esp those with ____high levels of potassium, esp those with diabetes
if you have a blood vessel injury, the normal response is ____which can lead to a ___: thickening of the tunica intima which can lead to a neotintima
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The 6 P's(pain, pallor, pulseless, poikliothermia, pain out of proportion) and cyanotic are signs ofvascular injury
___ is a good waveform, while ____ is a bad wave formTP is good, igloo is bad