Comm Chap 1

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Question Answer
oral and written era1000 BC- mid 15th century
what began the print erainvention of mechanical moveable type and the printing press
who invented the mechanical moveable type and the printing pressGutenberg
print era15th to 19th century
electronic era19th to 20th century
what began the move from print to the Information Agethe development of the telegraph
when was the telegraph developed1840s
what was the height of the electronic erathe invention of television (1950s-1960s)
which era is 20th century to presentdigital era
what are the models of communicationlinear and cultural
characteristics of cultural communicationselective exposure
2 definitions of media convergence in digital eraMerging of content across different media channels (ex. TV broadcast streamed on Internet), Cross platform: businesses delving into various media (ex. Disney—radio, TV, film)