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Section 1

Question Answer
left eye anopdn l optic n
left nasal hemianopisaL temporal fibers optic n
bitemporal hemanopsia pressing sup superiorpit adenoma ealry (inf to chiasm)
bitemporal hemianopsia pressing infcraniopharyngioma (sup to chiasm)
binasal heteronymus hemianopsiabil lateral chasm decomp (ICA calific, Cogen hydroceph0
right honomynus hemilateral geniculate body, L optic tract (L MCA dn)
right homo sup quadleft meyer loop (L MCA)
right homo inf quadleft parietal radiation (L PCA)
R homo and macular sparedleft primaru visual cortex
why is macula sparedcollateral supply of MCA during a PCA damge spares macula
what is central scotomaeverything fine but macula
central scotomomca dn in occipiatal lobe
MS causesinter nuclear opthalmoplegia, and central scotoma
diabetic retinopathy causes central scotoma
retinitis pigmentosa causescentral scotoma out

Section 2

Question Answer
methanol causesAnion Gap acidosis
iron table causesAG m acid
ethylene glycol causesAG m acid
mixed meta acid and resp alkASA
diarrheanormal AG acid (lose bicarb)
early asa poisonresp alk
vommitingmetab alk
aldo up upmetab alk ( down K so K exch w H btw ICF and ECF)

Section 3

Question Answer
ulnar nerve hand bonehamate hook
bone base of carpaltunnellunate (up discolor)
Sup fem triangleinguinal lig
medial fem triagleadductor long
lateral fem trisartorius
femoral tri floorpectineus
TIP TOESTibial nerve Inverts and Plantar flexs (injeurd cant stand on...)
dorsiflec footdeep peroneal n
foot eversionsuperf peroneal
beer raising musclebrachioradialis
t8vene cava

Section 4

Question Answer
novobiocin resistS. Sarcophagus
novobiocin sensativeS. EPIDEMIC
bacitracin sensistrep PYRO
bacitracin resistS. A Galaxy
optichin resists. viridian (grass field cows eat)
bile resists. viridian (grass field cows eat)
optin sensS pneu
bile senss pneu
causes diptheriacornyebacterium

Section 5

Question Answer
fasciola hepsheep liver, watercress, F , night sweat
serum sicknessclonorchis sinister
raw fishclonorchis sinensis source
giant flukefasciolopsis buski character of bug (F night sweat)
crab crayfishparagonimus westermani lung fluke
blood sputumparagonimus westermani finding
operculated eggsall Flukes (trematode)
Fluke txprazanquitel (simple...)
clonorchis txprazanquitel (raw)
fasicola txprazanquitel or tricabendazole (F. hepatica)
Paragonimus txPrazanquitel (joe)
anal prurituseneterobius
enteroibus dxscotchtape
enteriobius txbend/pyrantel pamoate
eggs visible in poopascaris lumbricoides (roundworm)
ascaris txbend/ pyrantel (poop eggs)
undercooked porkTR(EYE)chanella spiralis source
muscle cysttr(EYE)chanella spiral ham
periorbital edemaTRIchinella Spiral

Section 6

Question Answer
TRIchanella Spiralham txbend/ ivermectictin
soil penetrates foot, N V DSTRONGylodes
Strongyolodes txbend/pyrabtel
ivermectin tx (m. cyst)trichanella spiralis
soil to foot to lungancylostoma duod entry
ANKLEocySTOMA txbend/pyrantel
soil to foot to lungNECTAR americanus
necator txbend/pyraentel (soil to...)
drinking water, skin ulcerDRACULAnculus medinensis
DRACULAnculus txnIRRIDazole, extraction
BLack flyonchocerca volvulus (riverBLind)
hyperpigment a sx ofOnchocerca volv
Oncho cerca txIVERmectin
eye wormmangofly/horse
loa loa txdiEYEthlcarbamzepine

Section 7

Question Answer
mosquito elephantitiswucherreia BANK CRAFTi (nematode)
blocks leg lymph takes a yearwucherreia BANK CRAFTi
w. banCRAFT txdiETHYLcarbamzine
swiss cheese braintaenia (tapeworm)
undercooked porktaenia cysct
causes neurocysticercosistaenia
taenia txpraziquintel (quit intestine/egg)
neurocysterciceosis tx(Bendazole)
b12 defDip Latum tapeworn pathos
raw fresh water fishD. Latum
tx D. Latum (Lay 'em)praziquantel

Section 8

Question Answer
snail(think?) -> granulomas ->(shistoma) fibrosis liver spleen
snail(think)-> bladder cancerSchistoma (trematode/fluke)
dog feces cysts in liverechinococcus granulosas
rupture=anaphylaixisechino "spike" GRANULE
tx echino cystETOH inj into cyst
echino GRANULEo txbend (cestode/tapeworm)
echino granuloma GI organgallstone
echino("spike") granul pathoscholangiosarcoma