COMLEX Chapman's Points

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OrganAnterior PointPosterior Point
Middle EarSuperior to Medial ClaviclesC1 Posterior Rami
SinusesInferior to Medial ClaviclesC2 Articular Pillers
PharynxInferior to Sternoclavicular jointsC2 Articular Pillers
TonsilsMedial 1st Intercostal spacesC2 Articular Pillers
TongueMedial 2nd RibsC2 Articular Pillers
Esophagus, Thyroid, HeartMedial 2nd Intercostal SpacesT2 Transverse Processes
Upper Lung, ArmMedial 3rd Intercostal SpacesT3 Transverse Processes
Lower Lung: Medial 4th Intercostal SpacesT4 Transverse Processes
LiverRight Medial 5th & 6th Intercostal SpacesRight T5 & T6 Transverse Processes
Stomach AcidityLeft Medial 5th Intercostal SpaceLeft T5 Transverse Process
Gall BladderRight Medial 6th Intercostal SpaceRight T6 Transverse Process
PancreaseRight Medial 7th Intercostal SpaceRight T7 Transverse Process
SpleenLeft Medial 7th Intercostal SpaceLeft T7 Transverse Processes
Small IntestineMedial 8-10 Intercostal SpacesT8-10 Transverse Processes
PylorisMidline Body of SternumT9 Transverse Processes
Adrenals1" Lateral & 2" Superior to UmbilicusT11 Transverse Processes
Kidneys1" Lateral & 1" Superior to UmbilicusL1 Transverse Processes
BladderPeriumbilicalL2 Transverse Processes
Intestinal Peristalsis1-2" Lateral & Inferior to ASISBetween T10 & T11 Transverse Processes
AppendixTip of Right 12th RibRight T11 Transverse Process
OvariesPubic TuberclesT10 Transverse Processes
UrethraPubic TuberclesL3 Transverse Processes
RectumLesser TrochantersLateral Aspect of Middle Sacrum
ColonAnterior Iliotibal BandsL2-L4 Transverse Processes
Prostate, Broad LigamentLateral Iliotibal BandsPSIS