COMLEX Bits 3 7-24-16

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Question Answer
Nasal fractureup septal hematoma and necrosis
Cells in anterior chamberanterior uveitis
Aniscoriaunequal pupil sizes, CNIII palsy
Constiutional growth delayshort kid w no sx, bone age is lt stated age, delayed puberty
Psychosocial short staturekids of extreeme abuse show growth delay, dn GH
Familal short statureshort parents have short kids
Kawaskiconjunct, rash, LAD, red tonuge, coronary anuerysm
CCRASHof kawasaki, Conjunct, Cervical
Cat Scracthbartonella, LAD and F, Azithromycin and Doxy
2 hour glclt 140 is ok, 140-200 impaired, gt 200 is DM
Gest DMfasting gt 92, 1 hr gt 180, 2hr gt 153
GonnorrheaIM ceftriaxone, gram negative intracellular diplo
Tinea capitisbroken hairs of scalp
Night terrors3-12 year olds, cannot recall dream
Rolandic epilepsyof kids, twitching tingling face and tonuge, drooling
Positive D antibodyRh Isoimmunization

Section 1

Question Answer
Positive Duffy antigenshows malaria resistance
Pheolook at VMA or metanephrines not catecholeamines
Dicyclomineanticholinergic for IBS
Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconcilation Actkeeps coverage for person and family incase they were otherwise terminated
Comprehensive Health Planning Actall americans are entitiled to comprehensice services regardless of income, ability to pay or age
Mastoiditispostauricular swelling and redness with the ear protruding away from scalp
Trigger pointsmat refer pain if pressed vs tendpoints which do not refer pain
Maverick pointposition in opposite to counterstrain
Slipped femoral capital epiphysiship tendernell, down int rot and abduction, flexion of hip leads to obligatory ext rot
Leg calve perthesavasc nec of femoral head, shows flattening in on XR
Uterosacral nodularity and progressive worse dysmennorhheathink endometriosis
Danazolinhibits LH and FSH midsurge
Culdocentesisindic in PID and ruptured ectopic
Leuprolideup risk osteopor
Thompson testruptured achillies, squeeze midportion of calf

Section 2

Question Answer
Cilostazolto alleviate claudication due to periphreal vasc dz, contra in CHF, moa is inhibiting platlet agg and direct arterial vasodilator
ABIlt 0.5 refer to srx
Prosthetic valve endocardStaph Epidermidis
Pump handleribs 2-6
Bucket handleribs 7-10
Malariacyclic fever, chills swats, splenome, diarhhea
Hypokalemiaflattend ST seg, prominant U wave, multiple PVCs
Breast csget mamogram and excisional bx
A fibrate control with BB. ditilizaem, once rate controlled gt 48 hr anti coag and do an esph echo to r/o left atrial thrombi before cardioversion
Tx infert by anovulationclompihene
Clomipramine1st line in OCD
Hypercapniaavoid O2 supplement
Pelvic inflx dzchlymidia gt N Gonn
Ziehl Neelsen stainsilver stain of TB
Thelarchefemale breast development
Poor feedingassess infant resp status
Sickle cell traitup risk preeclampsia
Urge incontinencedetrusor istability
Stress incontinencelaxety floor muscles
Outflow incontenenticbladder atony, small voids, up frquency, use cholinergix of alpha antags, due to diabeteic autonimc neuropathy
Functional incontinence2/2 physical and mental problems

Section 3

Question Answer
Chlorpromazineantipsychotic thorazine
Bethancolcholinergic agonist used in urinary retention
Duret hemmorhagesof midbrain and pons due to up ICP and downward brainstem displacement
Epiduralmiddle meningeal artery, lucid then death
Lesegue teststraight leg raise for lumbar herniation
De quervainsextensor pollicis brevis and abductor pollicis longus