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Question Answer
CMV precautions for preg FStandard, hand wash
Droplet precautionsinflu, parvo B19, rubella
C5 reflexbiceps
pain w wrist extensionlateral epicondylitis
radial head sublux annular lignursemaids elbow
"popeye arm"proximal biceps rupt
polymyositis+anti-jo + weakness
polymyalgic rheumaticaproximal m pain, no weakness
dermatomyositispolymyositis + heliotrope rash gottrons
gottrons papulesdermatomyositis + papules finger joint
shawl signdermatomyositis , red back neck and shoulder
DEXA scan>65 F if no risk factors
osteopor risksmoking, chronic steroids, weight <127lb
osteopeniat-score -1 to -2.5
osteopor txbisphos, if not tolerate denosumab
PTHindic in osteopor + fracture
bact conjunctopthalmic fluoroq
old, dn lb, bili vomitintra-abd cx concern
stage panc head cxendoscopic u/s
tx chapmanspressure circular pattern to flatten
suspect cxpedal pump contra
"lucid interval"epidural hematoma presentation
bi convex CTepidural finding
MC brain cxblioblastoma multiforme
altered mind, ipsi dil pupil, contra hemiparsubdural
epidural hemamiddle meningeal A
keratoacanthomarapid growth, solitary round central ulcer
actinic keratosisscale + red "pre-cancer" sq cell cx
actinic keratosis txcyrotherapy, topical 5- FU
bact vaginosis"clue cells" epit cells covered in bact
G neg diplococciNeisseria gonn
Trichmonas vagmotile flagellated, strawberry cervix
gardnerellabact vaginosis + whiff test + gray disch
syphillistrep pallidum, chancre (painless solitary ulcer)
trichomansfrothy disch cause flagella
NYHA Idx chf but no sx
NYHA IIslight limitation "mow lawn"
NYHA IIImild activity SOB, "walk to kitchen"
NYHA IVdisc w/o exertion
Gest DM + neon w tremor, irrit, ruddypolycythemia
ABO incompatibile neonhep-splenmeg pallor, hydrops
tx neonate polycythemiaprtial ex trans w umb venous cath
neon wdrawlgive morphine/methadone
neon hypoglcmacrosomia
MC complic of preggest DM
Gest HTN15% of maternal deaths
phalens: pushing dorsal surface of hands together
Question Answer
reverse phalenspushing ventral surface of hands togther
parathesis thumb index middle, worse at nightcarpal
spurlings testdx cerv radic, ext rot head ipsi + compres
most sens pxex carpal tunnelpress distal palmar crease
tinel testtapping at distal palmar crease
nec fasccrepitus
1000x o2 to tissuehyperbaric
MAOItyramine rich (red wine, aged cheddar,dryfruit, soy)
tyramine MAOI MOAreleased stored Nepi vesicles HTN crisis
TCA MOAinhib uptake 5-ht and NEpi
screening lab for dx HITHeparin- PF4 complexes
Charcots triadRUQ jaundice F
RUQ jaund Fthink ascending cholangitis
Reynolds PentadCharcot Triads + AMS + hypotn
acute cholecystno Jaundice, ddx from ascend cholang
choledocolithno F
hepatomaRUQ , dn lb, enlarged irregular liver
sensitive ascending cholangERCP
test to dx ascending cholandpercut transhep cholangiograp
HIDAeval blockage cystic duct, 0 tracer in GB 4 hr is +dx
NSAIDcontra in preg
contra in pregASA
preg + migraineAPAP only
earliest sign of AIDs 2/2 T-cell supressionshingles
viral supressionT-cells
post-herpatic neuralgialyrica, lidocaine patch, SSNRI
HIV tx2 NRTI + 1 NNRTI or protease inhibitor
use one anti-retroviral in HIVup resist and mutation
preg mother and hivzidovudine
2nd line post-hep neurnortryptiline
2rd line post-hep neuropioid
ALyLeuage2-5, anemia, dn pl8,neutrop(fever), petechiae
neutropenia causesfever
smear ALLlymphoblasts
dx Zollinger ellisonfasting gastrin
if gastrin up and suspect ZE syndget secretin infusion
detect extra-hep gastrinomasomatostain rec scintigrpahy
ZE synd txPPI and srx
Werner syndMEN type I
MEN I3p's (parathy pit and panc tumors)
Pit tumor of MEN 1prolactinoma
Panc tumor of MEN 1insulinoma, VIPoma, glucagonoma
URI OMTsphenopalatine ganglion parasymp regulation
URI OMT to thin secretionsrib raise * dn SNS
t5-t9celiac ganglion
improve lymph of L extpelvic diaphraghm release
superior mesenteric gangt 10-11, end duod to transv colon
scheuremanns diseasejuvenile kyphosis "poor posture"
schmorl nodesin scheuermans dz, multiple hern nuc pulpos
finding in juvenile RAeryth rash face
pain tibial tuberosity pat tendonosgood-schlatter (9-14yo)
Duchenne musc dystx-linked recessive dystrophin gene
kid + wedge vert bodies + rigid kyphosisscheurmans dz
exceptions to confidentialitySTI, kid abuse,SI HI
afib w RVR and stableccb(diltiazem) or bb
aifb w RVR and unstablesync cardioversion
unstable anginasx at rest, ST D, tx is revasc w in 90 min
unstable angio etioplaque rupture in coronaries
digoxin MOAslow HR during Afib by vagal inhib or AV node
digi indicafib in systolic HF (dn HR up contractility)
procainimideindic afib w WPW
WPWpathway b/w atria and vent returns conduc to AV node
WPW contraCCB and digi
give CCB to WPWup ventricular fibrillation
sync cardio in afib indicif HR > 150 or unstable
warmth moistureSNS acute somatic dysf
tight ropy tissue and pallorchronic conditions
big ears and testesFragile X
Fragile XCGG repeat expansion in FMR1 gene
detect translocationsFluor insitu hybrid (FISH)
Bourneville's diseasetuberous sclerosis
tuberous sclerosisshagreen patch, Konen's tum, seizures
NeurofibromatosisADom, cafe au late, lisch nod, opt glioma
Gorlin syndmultiple basal cell cx, palmar pits, jaw cysts
Nevoid Basal Cell cx syndaka Gorlin synd
Nevus Flammeus "stork bite"occiput newborns Sturge Weber
port wine, sz, neuro d, glauxomaSturge-Weber
suspect Tuberous Sclerget MRI brain find Ca++ nodules
Calcified nodules in TSmay progress to glioma
brain deathneeds 2 physicians to confirm
raise HDLniacin and exercise
new htn w prouria after 20 wk gestpre-eclampsia
OMT lymph contrafrx, F>102 bact inf, abscess, certain cx
HTN before 20 weeks gestnot gest htn
Eclampsiapre-eclamp + sz
eclampsis txMgSO4 + deliver neon
pre-eclampia morbidsut-pla insuff, IUGR, up mort
prouria dx>0.3g in 24 urine
urine protein/creatinine >0.3dx prouria
dipstick +1can dx prouria
pre-eclamp w/o prourican dx if new pl8<100 cr>1.1,pulm ed
pre-elampsia occurs before 3rd trimsusp gest trophoblastic
severe pre-eclamphtn + prouri + new AMS/hep/severe HTN


Question Answer
StudyCMV, dermatomyositis, denosumab, keratchanthoma, blood typing, fetal hydrops, ascending cholangitis, NSAIDs contra in preg, ergotamine, acute lymphoblastic leuk, Werner syndome, glucagon, tuberous sclerosis, Gorlin synd