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1st workup in Preecl24-hour urine (>300mg/24hr)
eclampsiagrand mal sz
post dx work up for PreEclplt,LFT,AFI,fetal wight, u/s, BPP/ non-stress test
+ dipstickthen confirm prouria w/ 24 hour protein:creatinine
1st line tx of preecllabetelol
labetelol contraasthma (B-block * up bronchodilation)
PreEcl 2nd lineNifedipine (CCB)
furosamide/thiazide contra in pregup uterine ischemia
PreEcl 3rd linemethyldopa
atrophic vaginitistopical estrogen
mild atrophic vaginitis + asxobservation
white odorless dischlarge lat vag wallcandidiasis
pH>4.5bacterial vaginosis/trichomonas
candida death!azoles
cervical screen21-65 yo every 3 years
cervical screen do notscreen under 21yo

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post-menop + vag bleedimmediate endomet biop or transvag u/s
best dx tool for endomet cxtransvag cx
all endomet cx treatmentall is total hyster/bilaterak salpingooophereectomy AND lymph node dissection
endomet cx stage 1atmx invade 1/2 or myomet or endomet
endomet cx stage 1btmx invades >1/2 myomet/endomet
endomet cx stage 2invades stromal tissue but confined to uterus
endomet cx stage 3involve vag, adnexa w positive regional lymph nodes
endomet cx stage 4tmx involves bladder mucosa w distant metasttsis
endomet cx stage 3/4 txnormal tx + addition of chemotherapy/rad
adnexal mass smooth 3cm mobile w/ no assoc sxfollicular cyst
dermoidcyst=mature cystic teratoma
hair cartilge sebum teeth 2nd/3rd decadedermoid cyst
false positive elevated CA-125endometrioma
anovulation, heavy/prolonged menses, obesePCOS
lutenized follicular cyst formed B-HCG overstim/hyperstimtheca lutein cyst

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non-cyclical pelvic pain, diffuse enlarged globular uterusadenomyosis
ddx endomet from adenomyosisformer is cyclical and pt is x<40, vs latter which is noncylclical and pt is >40yo
pelvic pain + signs of infon ddx diverticulitis
conservative tx for adenomyosisendometrial ablation
definitive tx for adenomyosistotal hysterectomy

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