Color Phrases

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Architechtural planblueprint
Rolling Stones song- Cajun QueenBrown Sugar
1964- titular villian is Gert FrobeGoldfinger
London district- timezone nameGreenwich
Indpendent Boer republic 1954-1902Orange Free State
5 shilling coin or aureate dental capgold crown
Novel about CelieThe Color Purple
Poet of Snow-Bound and Barbara FriechieJohn Greenleaf Whittier
Territorial capital on Great Slave LakeYellowknife
Film with Det. Thorne- culinary horrorSoylent Green
Champ who beat Ali in 1978Leon Spinks
Gospel soul singer with 9 grammysRev. Al Green
Wolverines vs. Soviet invadersRed Dawn
1st woman president of NicaraguaVioleta Chamorro
Toni Morrison novel- Pecola BreedloveThe Bluest Eyes

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Tarantine film with Pam GrierJackie Brown
Prokofiev opera with Tchelio and Fata MorganaThe Love for Three Oranges
State flower of Kentucky and NebraskaGoldenrod
I hate Illinois Nazisthe Blues Brothers
Opposing force in a military exersizeRed Team
Sonnets from the Portuguese, Aurora LeighElizabeth Barrett Browning
Principa Mathematica authorAlfred North Whitehead
Book about Old Dan and Little AnnWhere the Red Fern Grows
Prime minister after Tony BlairGordon Brown
Woody Allen film with Jeff DanielsThe Purple Rose of Cairo
Satire- Skullion becomes a cambridge masterPorterhouse Blue
Halfback known as the Galloping GhostRed Grange
Afterlife for sailors and cavalarymenFiddler's Green
Oliver North secretaryFawn Hall
Dye named for a copper carbonate mineralmalachite green
Band for Stuck in the Middle with YouStealers Wheel
Absurdly complicated machinesRube Goldberg
Sci-fi comedy with Lister and RimmerRed Dwarf

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Thrilling ride, like a roller coasterWhite Knuckle
Short term wireless standardBluetooth
Society responsible for assassination of Franz FerdinandBlack Hand
Leukocyteswhite blood cells
North American pit viper, or roadCopperhead
an event that occurs infrequentlyOnce in a blue moon
laws about morality issuesBlue laws
a special priced meal at a restaurantBlue Plate Special
a woman with strong scholarly interestsBluestocking
where performers can relax before or after appearancesGreen room
a flag flown on a vessel to show that it is under quarantineYellow jack
a contract which denies a person the right to join a worker’s unionYellowdog contract
a partial loss of electrical powerBrown out
the business of buying or selling items that are priced below what has been regulatedGray market
term to describe hallucinations during intoxicationA pink elephant
voting against someone in a secret manner to prevent them from becoming a member of a clubBlackball