Colonies Hover Between Peace and War

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What was the purpose of the second continental congress?To debate their next move
Who was appointed as commander of the continental army?George Washington
What did John Adams suggest?He suggested that each colony should have it's own government
What did Congress do ? They declared each colony independent

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When did the Battle of Bunker Hill happen?A steamy summer of June 17 1775
What happened?Minutemen held their fires until the last minute and shot advanced soldiers
How many attacks did the British troops make?Three
What did minutemen run out of and what did this cause?Ammunition and colonists lost 450 while british lost 1000 casualties

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What was the Olive Branch?It was a petition for colonists and British soldiers to form harmony
WHo rejected this? King George
Who wrote the Common Sense?Thomas Paine
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
Who was John Locke? An english philosopher that maintained "natural rights"
What was the right of the consent? The right to abolish or alter any government their rights
What did the colonies do? They declared their independence
Who were the Patriotsthe supporters of independence
Who were the loyalists? opposed independence and remained loyal to the crown
How much of the pop. did Patriots make up?nearly half of the pop the rest remained nuetral

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How brotherhowe went where and during when?New York Harbor in the summer of 1776
How many soldiers went? 32,000 these were hessians most came from region of Germany
How many men did Washington bing 23,000 untrained poor equipment
When did it endEnded in August 1776

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How many soldiers did Wash have in the battle of trent2,400
What happened during the battle of trent?They crossed the delewae river and marched though snow they attacked killing 30 and taking 918 captives and 6 hessian cannons

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The fight for philadelphiaspring of 1777 Howe began to seizr american captial
Where did they sail from and tosailed from new york to cheasepeaak bay and landed near phila
Did howe win philadelphiayes he did

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Vicotry of SaatogaBurgyone lead the army to canada to albany where howes troops would meet
What did they run low on?food supplies
Who was in charge of the continental armyGates
Why did they surrender?AMerican troops surrounded them at saatoga
What did french do?They joined alliance with the american troops

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Valley of forgemany of the men were suffering from the cold and 2,000 out of 10,00 died

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financing the war, causesinflation increase in prices and increase of supply of money
1781 Morris and solemen were alble to raise enough money for the army

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Who helped Washington with the troopsFedrich von and he taught them what to do how to fight this helped effective fight force
victory of york town cornwallis surreneed
treaty of parismade american indeoendence official