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Section 1

Question Answer
run amok be in a rush
have had your dayyou were succesful and you arent anymore
a breath of fresh airnew and creative person
dim recollection not clear memory
price yourself out of the marketwent bankrupt
honour your pledgekeep your promise
a let-downcant rely, dissapointment
richly deservea lot deserve, very much
vogue memorynot good memory, not clear
take a dim viewdisaproval
in the nick of timeat the last moment

Section 2

Question Answer
vivid memorygood memory
be at loggerheadsunable to agree, fight
dead on timepunctual on the dot
a stark reminderunpleasent remind of sth
put downkill an animal when its ill
turn down an offer, reject
look up toadmire, respect
talk backmean, rude
on the dotprecisely, at arranget time, punctual
wind downtime to relax

Section 3

Question Answer
stark raving mad crazy
stark naked completely
peak seasonthe time of year when a lot of people travel and prices are usually at their highest
viewing timemost expensive
in dim and distant pastlong time ago
running down the clockuse all the time that is still available
minute the meetingprotokołować
since time immemoriance/immemorialsince ever
let alone not to mention
draw the line set a limit
muddy the watersmake situation more confuset and less easy to understand
keep someone in the dark not tell sth to sbd
sweep sth under the carpet not talk about sth, ignore it

Section 4

Question Answer
unlock mysteries unlock facts
skeletons in the closet/cupbordscary facts about sth
disclose facts reveal
for years runningdays in a series; months in a series
in the matter of minutesin few minutes

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