Collin County Community College DRAM 2362 Test 1

Updated 2007-01-31 18:40


CCCCD (collin county, tx) DRAM 2362 Study guide for Test 1. Test 1 study guide.

Study Questions

What was the political ClimateEconomic hardship, Revolutions, Government repression
What are the Fundamentals of RomanticismAll creation has common origin, part of higher truth. Complete happiness and truth only in spiritual realm
Who are Schlegal and Tieck, and why are they important to TheatreTranslated plays for german audience, introduced germany to shakespear & classical theater
Who are the twilight men? What does the term refer to?The romantics, the logic of day meets mystery & magic of night.
What is a fate tragedy?Series of tragec events leading up to destiny
Who is Christian D. Grabbe?Precursor of Absurdism, ignored during lifetime, did not become famous until after his death
Who is Franz Grillparzer?Austias first important senior playwrite
What is the Young Germany movement?Most controversial plays of 1830-40's. Karl Gutzkow, Heinrich, laube, Georg Buchner
Who is georg buchner?Major dramatist of the 19th century, wrote "Woyzech"
What is signigicant about Ifflands production of Schiller"s "Maid of Orleans?First ever to emphasize historical accuracy

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