Cold War

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Truman DoctrineAmericas commitment to stopping the spread of communism in Europe. It wasn't trying to move it back, just stop it from spreading further
Marshall PlanAmerica giving western Europe Approx. $13 billion to help recover after WW2
YaltaGermany was not yet defeated. Big 3 agreed to split Germany into 4 zones of occupation and hold free elections in the east
PotsdamGermany defeated. No Churchill or Roosevelt. Truman didn't like reparations and didn't tell others he had an atomic bomb
Berlin BlockadeWhen Stalin cuts off all roads and railways into West Berlin, so no one can get in or out.
U2 CrisisAmerica had sent a spy plane over USSR and claimed it was a weather plane when it got shot down. Gary Powers was the pilot
D├ętenteThis was the calm era (1960-70) where nothing much happened. Tensions decreased and it looked like it was going to get better.

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