Cold War 1945 63

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Cold War 1945-1963

1945Yalta Conference
1946Sovietisation of Eastern Europe Began
1947Marshall Plan Announced
1947Truman Doctrine Announced
1946"Iron Curtain" Speech
1944British Oil Company Setup in Iran
1946British Withdraw Troops from Iran
1946Baruch Plan
1946Stalin's Peace Moves
1948Cominform Founded
1949Comecon founded
1947CIA Created
1948Berlin Blockade Begins
1949Berlin Blockade Ends
1949NATO Founded
1949Federal Republic of Germany (FDR) formed
1944Percentages Agreement
1950Korean War Begins
1953Korean War Ends
1949Soviet Nuclear Bomb Discovered
1952British Nuclear Bomb Exploded
1953Soviets Test H-Bomb
1950Stockholm Appeal
1950Internal Security Act
1944-1949Greek Civil War
1947Communist Takeover in Hungary
1948Cold War Peak
1948Yugoslavia Crisis
1950Mutual Defense Pact
1952US Explodes H-Bomb
1952Greece Enters NATO
1957Sputnik Enters Orbit
1960Gary Powers' U-2 Shotdown
1962Russians release Gary Powers
1954Indo-China Armistice
1955Austrian State Treaty
1955Warsaw Pact Formed
1954John Foster Dulles Announces Massive Retaliation
1954First Nuclear Powered Submarine-Nautilus
1955Geneva Summit-"open skies"
1956Polish Crisis
1956Hungarian Uprising
1954King Farouk of Egypt Overthrown
1956Suez Crisis
1957Eisenhower Doctrine
1958US Launches its First Satellite
1960US Deploys Polaris Submarines
1962US Announces Flexible Response Doctrine
1963French Acquire Nuclear Weapons
1964Chinese Explode Nuclear Bomb
1956Khrushchev and Bulganin vist UK
1959Khrushchev visits USA
1961Berlin Wall Erected
1958Khrushchev announces that Berlin situation is intolerable