Code of Ethics - Core Values & Principles

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Section 1

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AtlruismInvolves demonstrating concern for the welfare of others
EqualityRefers to treating all people impartially and free of bias
FreedomParamount in a profession in which the values and desires of the client guide interventions
JusticeExpresses a state in which diverse communities are inclusive; diverse communities are organized and structured such that all members can function, flourish, and live a satisfactory life
DignityTreating the client with respect in all interactions
TruthProviding accurate information in oral, written, and electronic forms
PrudenceUsing clinical and ethical reasoning skills, sound judgement, and reflection to make decisions in professional and volunteer roles

Section 2

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BeneficenceOccupational therapy personnel shall demonstrate a concern for the well-being and safety of the recipients of their services
NonmaleficenceOccupational therapy personnel shall refrain from actions that cause harm
AutonomyOccupational therapy personnel shall respect the right of the individual to self-determination, privacy, confidentiality, and consent
JusticeOccupational therapy personnel shall promote fairness and objectivity in the provision of occupational therapy services
VeracityOccupational therapy personnel shall provide comprehensive, accurate, and objective information when representing the profession
FidelityOccupational therapy personnel shall treat clients, colleagues, and other professionals with respect, fairness, discretion, and integrity