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Critical Medication Indication, Dosing and Contraindications

Question Answer
Adenosine, Indication, dose. When to use half dose.Stable narrow-complex PSVT, 6 mg rapid IVP follow with saline, 12 mg repeat if needed. If Central line admin,Dipyridamole or Carbamazepine use 3 mg dose.
Alteplase, indication, dose per indication, Contraindications.Stroke, MI, PE. 0.9 mg/kg, 10% over 1 minute, 90% over 60 min. PE 0.6 mg/kg max 50 mg over 2 minutes. Do not give in active bleed, hx ICH, BP > 180 or DBP > 110, hx of neurosurgery, trauma in last 3 months.
Amiodarone, indication. dose, when not to push.Pulseless arrest, 300 mg IVP, 150 mg 3-5 min later. Use filter. Do not give IVP to person with a pulse (may lead to hypotension, Bradycardia)
Atropine, indication, dose, ET tube doseBradycardia, 0.5 mg every 3-5 minutes up to 6 doses. 2-3 mg in ET tube
Calcium Chloride, indication, dose in volume, avoid when...Hyperkalemia, Hypermagnesemia, CCB overdose. 5-10 ml, no more then 200 mg/min. Extravasation is bad. Avoid in dig toxicity.