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3 Autonomic functions regulated by Medulla Oblongata*Heart Rate *Blood Pressure *Breathing(respiratory rhythm)
Together with Medulla Oblongata helps control breathingPons
Part of Midbrain where Substantia Nigra is foundCerebral Peduncle
Part of brain where Tectum is foundMidbrain
Darkly pigmented nuclei whose neurons help coordinate skeletal muscle activitySubstantia Nigra
Reflex centers in Tectum that respond to visual stimuliSuperior Colliculi
Reflex centers in Tectum that respond to auditory stimuliInferior Colliculi
Autism is thought to be contributed to which part of the brainThalamus
Coordinates skeletal muscle contractions required for skilled movements and balanceCerebellum
Regulates emotinal and behavioral patternsHypothalamus and limbic system
Regulates body temp. Hypothalamus
Regulates Hunger and ThirstHypothalamus
Regulates Circadian Rhythm (sleep/awake cycle)Hypothalamus and Pineal Gland

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Hormone secreted by PIneal GlandMelatonin
Structure that connects 2 hemispheres of CerebrumCorpus Callosum
Lobe responsible for learned skills and movementsFrontal Lobe
Lobe responsible for somatosensory interpretationParietal Lobe
Lobe responsible for auditory sensation interpretationTemporal Lobe
Lobe responsible for memory storage of auditory and visual experiencesTemporal Lobe
Area in L. temporal and Parietal lobes involved in understanding written and oral wordsWernicke's Area
Lobe involved in interpretation of texture and soundsParietal Lobe
Lobe responsible for integration of movements and focusing the eyeOccipital Lobe
Involved with conscious perception of visceral sensationsInsula
Hemisphere specialized for language, analytic ability, and logicLeft Hemisphere
Hemisphere geared towards musical, artistic, and creative endeavorsRight Hemispheres
Most people w/ left cerebral dominance are _______ handed.Right

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