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Question Answer
short acting BDZTOM triazolam, onazelam, midazolam
butyrophenone antipsychoticshaloperidol, droperidol
bdz antidote for ODflumazenil
tx attention deficit disordermethylphenidate
short acting barbthiopental
DOC trigeminal neuralgiacarbamazepine
tx tourettespimozide
desipramine causessudden cardiac death in children
labor opioidsmeperidine
fatal combo of neuro drugsSSRI & MAOI
ethosuximideDOC for absence seizures
diphenhydramineH1 antihistamine for movement disorder & motion sickness tx early parkinson's stages
AlprazolamDOC stage fright
prophalaxis for migrainesPropranolol
↓ DA reuptake. Can cause livido reticularis= skin mottling.Amantidine
Ant M w/ some DA reuptake (-). Parkinsonís txtbenztropine
D2(+). Used w/ L-Dopa for ìon-offî phenomenon of Parkinsonísbromocriptine(only used for people responsive to L-DOPA)
DA reuptake (-)ír. MAOI. Parkinsonís txtamphetamine
AmidesLidocaine, Mepivaciane, Bupivaciane, Etidocaine= ìiî before ìcaineî always an amide
Amides metabolized inMetabolized in the liver
Broken down and make PABA (allergen)esters
estersProcaine, Tetracaine, Benzocaine
First fibers to be blocked w/ anesthesiaC&A delta fibers
midazolamPre anesthetic. Induces amnesia
Primidonebiotransformed to phenobarb
FentanylUsed transdermally for chronic pain
Can be used on combo w/ Droperidol for neuroleptoanalgesic effectfentanyl
ClomirpramineTxt OCD See aggressive behavior w/ use
BupropionHelps to quit smoking
Primarily used for OCDSSRIS
Neuroleptic malignant hyperthermia due to chronic D2 block.haloperidol
Txt manic phase of Bipolar Disorderlithium
Causes goiter by (-) conversion of T4 to T3lithium
Low salt diet will lead to lithium toxicity
SE Nephrogenic diabetes insipiduslithium
signs of morphine OD1.pinpoint pupils 2.↓íd respiraiton 3.coma
↑ ICP = do not give to pt. with head traumamorphine
MeperidineAnesthetic used during labor
Hydromorphoneμ(+) used in renal failure
TramadolAmbulatory txt for mod. to severe pain
NaloxoneTxt opioid OD. Reverses respiratory depression
Can be nephrotoxic. Needs low MAC for anesthetic induction.methoxyflurane
Can cause tonic/clonic muscle spasmsenflurane
isoflurane SEcane cause bronchospasm
halothane 3 SECan cause ventricular extrasystoles & Malignant hyperthermia & Hepatitis
No effect on HR. Needs high MAC for anesthetic induction.nitric oxide
KentamineDissociative anesthetic