CNS #5 cydrocephalus

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Section 1

Question Answer
Define hydrocephalus
hydrocephalus is most common in which species
is hydrocephalus congential or aquired
Where is CSF produced
what is the flow of CSF
where is CSF primarily absorbed
What is the function of CSF
what is the most common cause of hydrocephalus?
what are clinical signs of an enlarge lateral ventricular causing hydrocephalus
what physical findings are associated with congential hydrocephalus
on necropsy what is a finding for lissencephaly?
What species/breed are predisposed to hydroencephaly

Section 2

Question Answer
congenital vs acquired hydrocephalus
what is the most common malformation leading to hydrocephalus?
where are 2 causes of acquired hydrocephalus
define hydranencephaly
what are causes of hydranencephaly
define porencephaly

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