CNS#18 Storage disease

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Question Answer
what causes lysosomal storage diseae
what is the inherited lysosomal storage disease
what is the typical sigalment and history for lysosomal storage disease
which cells are most susceptible to storage defects
what are some example of stored material
what are the main clinical signs of abnormal storage material present in many cells of the body (see page 3 as well)
what is the severity if the specific ezyme is not produced at all vs if there residual synthesis of the deficient ezyme
why does storage disease cause CNS dysfunction
What are causes of acquired storage disease in livestock?
what is the prognosis of locoweek ingestion
what animal is most susceptible to locoweed
what is different and unique about floboid cell leukodystrophy
what dog breeds are most likely to present with globoid cell leukodystrophy?