CNS#14 viral encephalomyelitis

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what signs are more common in a viral infection of the CNS
what are the 2 most likely routes of entry of virus into the CNS
is a non suppurative inflammation typical of viral infection
What do perivascular cuffs form around? why are clinical signs apparaent?
small vs large animals when it come to care due to viral encephalitis

Section 2

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what are 6 disease seen in horses
what are 2 main disease seen in dogs
what disease is seen in cats
what 2 disease in seen in cattle
what 2 disease are seen in goat
what 5 disease are seen in pigs
what 3 disease are seen in birds
what 4 diseases are seen in camelids

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what is different about the type of inflammation associated with FIP as compared to viral disease
what are the clinical signs that are usually caused by inflammatory response?
what viral disease of the CNS are assciated with viral inclusions
what are the best ancillary tests for definitive diagnosis of viral infection in the CNS