CNS #11 focal compression myelopathy

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what should i think of with a focal compressive myelopahty? mutlifocal? diffuse?
how does spinal cord disease usually present as?
what are clinical signs associated with focal cervical spinal cord disease
what sites of spinal cord compression can result in both UMN and LMN gait defects
What is the most common cause of caudal cervical throacic compression
where does canine wobblers occur
which syndrome is most common is young growing animals?
where does equine wobblers occur
what is cervical stenotic myopathy
what is cervical dynamic stenosis- where is the lesion
what is intervertebral degenerative joint disease
what is intervertebral disk disease (IVDD)? what breeds do you see in in?
what direction do disks normally slip
what are the clinical signs of IVDD

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what speceis is malfromation more common in?
what location do you see malformations in
what is the progression of malformations
which breed do we commonly see vertebral abscesses in
what limbs are effected in wobblers? spastic paraparesis in pelvic limbs?
what is wallerian degeneration
where does wallerian degeneration occur
descending vs ascending tract damage due to compression
what does abnormalities in degenerative section include?

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define degenerative myelopathy
what are causes of degenerative myelopathy
what is ascending and descending myelomalacia
what are clinical signs of myelomalacia
what area in the brain is effectd by myelomalacia