CN obscurity

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What are the 3 Accessory Nuclei of CN3? (in addition to EW)Upward Gaze Center, Downward Gaze Center & Pretectal Nucleus (light reflex center)
What 2 reflexes are associated with CN3 and its nuclei?Light Reflex, Accommodation Reflex
What is "the only nerve to cross to the opposite side within the brain stem"?Trochlear nerve (CN4)
What is "the only nerve to exit on the dorsal side of the brainstem"?Trochlear nerve (CN4)
What muscles do Hypoglossal Nucleus supply?All muscles of Tongue EXCEPT Palatoglossus (which is Vagus, Nucleus Ambiguus)
What does Glossopharyngeal portion of Nucleus Ambiguus innervate?Stylopharyngeus muscle only
What does Vagus portion of Nucleus Ambiguous innervate?Cricothyroid, Muscles of Palate except for Tensor Palatini, & Muscles of Pharynx except Stylopharyngess (CN 9 portion of N. Ambiguus)
What does Accessory nerve portion of Nucleus Ambiguus innervate?Muscles of Larynx EXCEPT Cricothyroid
What is the deep origin of the spinal portion of CN 11?C2-C5
What is the deep origin of the cranial portion of CN 11?Nucleus Ambiguus (muscles of larynx EXCEPT Cricothyroid) (Recurrent Laryngeal N.)
What CN carries sensory input from palate and pharynx?Glossopharyngeal (nucleus ambiguous)
Which nuclei of the Trigeminal system (in brain stem) is 1st order?Mesencephalic nucleus of Trigeminal (proprioception)
What are the 2 parts of the Abducent Nucleus?Abducent motor nucleus & Para-Abducent Nucleus ((paramedian pontine reticular formation, PPRF) (Receives commands from the contra‚Äźlateral eye field area)
Which half of the Facial Motor Nucleus is supplied by bi-lateral cortico-bulbar fibers? What part of face does it control?Upper half, upper half of face
Facial UMN disease leads to what manifestation?Paralysis of lower half of face contra laterally (this is b/c upper hand receives bi-lateral corticobulbar input)
Facial N. LMN lesion leads to what manifestation?Hemifacial paralysis
Origin of Vestibular NerveScarpa's ganglion
Where in the cerebellum does the Vestibular nerve terminate?Archicerebellum (flocculonodular lobe)
Auditory Pathway, how does Lesion in the cochlea, cochlear nerve or nuclei manifest?Ipsilateral Deafness
Auditory Pathway, how does Lesion in the lateral lemniscus, MGB or auditory area manifest?Bilateral partial deafness mainly in the opposite side
Auditory Pathway, how does Irritation of cochlear nerve manifest?Tennitus (ringing of ears)
How does complete lesion of Optic Chiasma manifest?Bitemporal hemianopia
How does left posterior cerebral artery occlusion causing ischemia of the calcarine cortex of the occipital lobe manifest?Right homonymous hemianopia with Macular Sparing
How does a lesion from optic tract and onward manifest?Contralateral Homonymous Hemianopia

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