CN Modalities

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Question Answer
Special Visceral Sensory - SmellOlfatory (CN I)
Special Somatic Sensory - VisionOptic (CN II)
Somatic Motor - Eye MusclesOcculomotor (CN III)
General Visceral Motor - accomodation + pupilOcculomotor (CN III)
Somatic Motor - Superior Oblique MuscleTrochlear (CN IV)
General Somatic Sensory - face, ant. scalp, eyes, ant. 2/3 tongue...Trigeminal (V)
Special Visceral Motor - muscles of mastication,tensor tympani, tensor veli palatini, myohyoid, ant. digastricTrigeminal (V)
Somatic Motor - Lateral rectusAbducens (VI)
Special Visceral Motor - facial expression, stapedius, stylohyoid, post. digastricFacial (VII)
General Visceral Motor - pterygopalatine + sub mand parasympathetic gangliaFacial (VII)
Special Visceral Sensory - taste (ant 2/3 tongue)Facial (VII)
General Visceral Sensory - concha + ext tympanicFacial (VII)
Special Somatic Sensory - BalanceVestibulotrochlear (VIII) - Vestibular br.
Special Somatic Sensory - HearingVestibulotrochlear (VIII) - Trochlear br.
General Somatic Sensory - post 1/3 tongue, tonsils,pharynx, tympanic cavityGlossopharyngeal (IX)
General Visceral Sensory - barroreceptors + chemoreceptors from carotidGlossopharyngeal (IX)
Special Visceral Sensory - taste post. 1/3 tongueGlossopharyngeal (IX)
Special Visceral Motor - Styopharyneus muscleGlossopharyngeal (IX)
General Visceral Motor - otic ganglion, parotid glandGlossopharyngeal (IX)
General Somatic Sensory - external ear, ext. tympanic memb, dura mater, post. cranial fossa, foot of tongueVagus (X)
General Visceral Sensory - pharynx. larynx, thoracic + abdominal viscera, chemoreceptorVagus (X)
Special Visceral Sensory - taste root of tongue, epiglottisVagus (X)
Special Visceral Motor - soft palate, pharyngeal + laryngeal musclesVagus (X)
General Visceral Motor - parasympathetic ganglia, smooth muscles and lands of pharynx, larynx, thoracic + abdominal viscera + cardiac muscleVagus (X)
Somatic Motor - SCM + TrapsAccessory (CN XI) Spinal Root
Special Visceral Motor - SCM + TrapsAccessory (CN XI) Spinal Root
Special Visceral Motor - Larynx and Soft PalateAccessory (CN XI) Cranial Root + Vagus N (CN X)
Somatic Motor - intrinsic + extrinsic muscles of tongu (no palatoglossus or geniohyoid)Hypoglossal (CN XII)