CMST 2000

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Section 1

Question Answer
AutoamputationPhenomenon that occurs when technology advances, and gives work to machines that would otherwise be done by humans
BrandingThe consistent usage of themes and imagery within advertising to establish a presence within the market/ society.
CelebrityAn individual who is well known who has an impact on public consciousness
Celebrity cultureHigh volume perpetration of celebrities lives on a personal scale, alongside of the modern celebration of being well known rather than having talent in the fine arts
ConsumerismIdeology that encourages ever-increasing amounts of product in order to achieve happiness
CultureBeliefs, values, social forms and material goods within a specific grouping
Culture industryCommodification of cultures that are used to pacify audiences on a mass scale.
DistinctionDivision of cultural tastes in different groups based on their characteristics.
Folk CultureTraditions and cultural practices within localized groups whom share a common identity.
HaberdasheryMen's clothing and accessories sold by a haberdasher.

Section 2

Question Answer
HegemonyCultural dominance within society.
KitschPoor, shallow taste that can be appreciated ironically nevertheless.
PopularAdmired and well known cultural products.
PopulismContent created for "common folk" and "everyday people"
Mass cultureMass produced cultural commodities created and sold to mass audiences.
Medium/MediaMeans by which content is communicated
NarcosisNumbness experienced due to rapid times of technological change
"Style"Distinctive appearance, determined by principles according to which something is designed.

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