CME February 2016

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Section 1

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TCA's inhibit serotonin and norepinephrine uptake, and are useful in uremic itch but not neuropathic painF - are useful in uremic, idoipathic, lymphoma associated pruritus and neuropathic pain
Mirtazapine is useful in idiopathic pruritusF - for maligant cholestasis, lymphoma, uremia
Lignocaine potentiates voltage dependent Na channels and is useful in uremic pruritusF - blocks these channels
Carbamazepine/Oxcarbamazepine are useful in pruritus but not painF - are useful in neuropathic pain and neuralgia, not itch
Gabapentin/Pregabalin are useful in both neuropathic itch and postherpetic neuralgiaT
Tramadol is an opiod antagonist useful in neuropathic painF - it is an agonist
Capsaicin is a substance P depleterT
Capsaicin is effective in itch from psoriasisT - also from haemodilaysis, and aquagenic pruritus
Anti-NGF is useful as an antipruritic and analgesic agentT
For PCV, a good antirprutiic agent is pizotigenT
In sezary syndrome, pizotigen is an effective agentF - choose aprepitant for Sezary. Pizotigen for PCV

Section 2

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For intractable pruritus, naltrexone, nalmefene, nalfurafine, butorphanol and aprepitant are effectiveF - all except apretpitant