CMA Outline-1st part

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What is Psychology?The Study of the mind.
What does Maslows hierararchy of needs do?Recognizes that people are motivated by needs and that certain basic needs must be met before people can progress to higher needs
Where are the higher needs located in Maslow hierarchy pyramid?At the top
Where are the basic needs located in Maslow hierarchy pyramid?At the bottom
How many needs are in Maslows hierarchy pyramid? And What are they?5. Psychologic needs, Safety and Security needs, Belongingness & Affection needs, Esteem & Self respect, and Self-actualization needs
What are considered Psychologic needs in Maslows hierarchy of needs theory?Air, water, food, rest and comfort
What does Maslow believe that fulfilling different levels of needs towards the highest levels results in?A state of health and well-being.
What do we have to keep in mind when considering Maslows hierarchy of needs theory?Everyone has a different tolerance and expectation for these needs, and if the patient perceives that these needs are met then we need to accept it and not judge the situation
What is an example of different tolerance and expectation for the psychologic needs in Maslows hierarchy of needs theory?One person can expect over three meals with full courses a day while another may accept one meal a day from a soup kitchen.
What is considered safety and security needs in Maslows theory?Safe environment and freedom from fear and anxiety
What does Maslows theory, about safety and secuirty needs, Maslow believes that patients are susceptible to what? fear and anxiety that accompany many medical conditions
Who would be susceptible to fear and anixety in Maslows theory?A patient diagnosed with cancer who is so freightened that they arent able to think about anything but dying
In maslows theory it says that all patients who have undergone some sort of trauma or disaster may do what?Might place the needs to feel safe about all other needs
What is an example of trauma or disaster?Hurricane, fire, motor vehicle accident; etc.

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What does Maslow believe is essential for feeling connected and important to others in his theory?Affection needs or the need for love and belonging
In Maslows theory, what can often be a powerful motivation for patients to try to regain good health?A sense of love or belonging
What do Esteem needs involve in Maslows theory?Our need to feel self-worth
Where can esteem come from?Can be Self-generated or can come from those who admire us.
In Maslows' theory, If others value us or if we value ourselves, we are more likely to....Strive to maintain good health
In Maslo'ws' theory, who is less likely to want or accept education that targets improving their health? And why? People who lack self-esteem. They don't see it as important information and will not be motivated to learn.
What is the pinnacle of the pyramid in Maslow's theory?Self-actualization
What does Self-actualization mean in Maslow's theory?When a person has satisfied all the other basic needs and feels personal responsibility and control over his or her own life.
What are the Characteristics of Self-actualized patients?They will strive to control their state of