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Cloud Computing and SDN

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Cloud Service Types

Question Answer
IaaSInfrastructure as a Service, pays for the hardware then you can do w/e with it.
SaaSSoftware as a Service, Subscription based software service. Think new MS office model.
PaaSPlatform as a Service, for software devs. Is built on IaaS. Provides software packages/dev environments
Private CloudCan be provided from regular cloud services providers
Hybrid CloudSome public facing services, some private facing services.

Planes and SDN

Question Answer
Data PlaneAnything to do with forwarding, also called forwarding plane. Uses FIB and AT
FIBForwarding Information Table L3
ATAdjacency Table L2
Routing planeCisco hardware component, is separate from data plane only on cisco internet gateway routers.
Management PlaneRefers to router management protocols. SSH/SNMP/TELNET, historically one abstraction (and more centralized than) the control plane
Application PlaneApplications built on top of the resources on the management plane Cisco Intelli-WAN
Control PlaneRouting and related protocols, ARP/STP/IP/MAC tables APIC-EM sits here
SDNSoftware Defined Networking, allows scalability via programmatic control. Think infoblox
SDN ControllerControl plane of all managed devices is centralized here.
SBISouthbound Interface, Data <-> Control plane
NBINorthbound Interface, App/Management <-> Control plane


Question Answer
ACIApplication Centric Infrastructure, designed with apps in mind rather than the network
APICApplication Policy Infrastructure Controller, centralized application-level policy management. group policies for network equipment
APIC-EMAPIC-Enterprise Module, Cisco's gui based SDN controller. Supports brownfield deployments
DiscoveryMust run the discovery tool before ACL/Pathtrace tools, detects most things beyond VRRP
PathtraceProvides information on devices (types/name) being passed through, and whats happening to the packet, switched/routed. Allows custom source and destination IP's and protocols. When a blocking ACL is encountered, pathtrace will continue to analyze as if the traffic continued to reach its destination.
ACL TraceCheckbox empty/noACL's, checkbox filled green/ACL passed, Box fill red-x/ACL fail, yellow triangle/ACL present, don't know what it's doing.
ECMPEqual Cost Multi-Path, displayed in the Link Source column when load balancing is detected.