Clinical reasoning

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Question Answer
Build rapport and gain true understanding of the circumstances that put the client in the care of an OTnarrative
Occupational profile a part of thisnarrative
How the client’s life story will develop moving forward from the injury, illness, or life change given the client’s specific circumstance narrative
o Use to think about the disability level or diagnosisprocedural
o Identify the client’s problems and select specific treatment to help remediate or compensate for the deficits identifiedprocedural
o Use of protocols or specific therapeutic procedures deemed appropriate due to the client’s disability or diagnosisprocedural
use of standard assesesmentsprocedural
o Is use to individualize the therapeutic approach and to understand the client as a human beinginteractive
o How OT may interpret and use verbal and nonverbal cues to engage a clientinteractive
o Therapeutic use of self is important here interactive
Used to understand the practical issues that may have an impact on the situation with the client and his or her familypragmatic
o Identify practical strategies for intervention with familypragmatic
o What are the family, caregiver, and community resources available to support intervention and equipment recommendations?pragmatic
o These issues are usually not client centered and take into account the intangible that surround and influence the therapy the client is receivingpragmatic
Teamwork, spacing, equipment, caseload, insurance coverage, discharge optionspragmatic
o Used to make sure one selects the morally justifiable choicesethical
o Used to understand the condition that may be affecting the person and familyscientific
o Logical thinking about the nature of the client’s problems and the optimal course of action in interventionscientific
o A part of scientific reasoningdiagnostic
o Takes into account the client-based information in addition to the evidence based information availableduagbistuc
o Often seen in proficient to expert OTsconditional
o Combination of the other types of reasoning in that therapists can combine the reasoning to respond to the ever-changing environment and client and the context ore experience of the disability conditional