Clinical Laboratory Science Ch.7

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Section 1

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Aliquot1 of a number of equal parts
DensityAmount of matter per unit volume of a substance
Gram-molecular weightOne gram-molecular weight equals the sum of all atomic weights in a molecule of compound, expressed in grams
MolalityThe number of moles of solute per kilogram of solvent
MolarityGram-molecular mass or weight of a compound per liter of solution
OsmolalityA measurement of the concentration of all chemical substances (solutes) dissolved in the fluid part of blood (solvent)
OsmolarityNumber of osmoles of solute per liter of solution

Section 2

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Serial DilutionsProgressive dilutions of a substance in a series of tubes in predetermined ratios to give concentrations of a specific amount
Significant figuresDigits of whole #'s or in decimal form, beginning with the left-most nonzero digit and extending to the right; #'s should contain only digits necessaryfor the precision of the determination or measurement; the digits of a number that are known to be reliable
SoluteSubstance dissolved in a solution
SolventSubstance in which a solute is dissolved; usually deionized water in lab reagents
Specific GravityRatio of the density of a solution to the density of an equal volume of water at a constant temperature; depends on the weight and number of particles in solution
Standard SolutionReference material of the substance being assayed that is of fixed and known chemical composition and can be prepared in a pure form for use in the lab; certified reference material that is generally accepted or officially recognized as the unique standard for the assay, regardless of the purity of the analyte content
TiterConcentration of a substance such as an antibody in serum

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