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monocyteone monocite
granulocites terms for above and belowphilia, penia
mononuclear terms for above and belowosis, penia
most cells movein a one way ticket
which cells have long term ticketlymphoctes
path of lymphocytesbone marrow, blood, tissues, blood
path of other cellsbone marrow, blood, tissues
most leukocytes function intissues
erythroctes function inblood
cbc is the balancebetween bone marrow production and tissue use
mitotic poolmyeloblast MB, promyelocte PM, myelocte MC
maturation poolmm metamyelocte, bands
neutrophil pools in bone marrowmitotic pool, maturation pool, storage pool
time between each pool3 days
why is it not good to use differential wbcyou want to use absoloute
physiological leukocytosisfear, excitement, exercise
adrenaline release causesflushing of cells stress leukogram
lymphocytosis in catsphysiologic lymphocytosis
pathological leukocytosisinflammation, necrosis
left shift
rbc regenleukoerythroblastic repsonse, bone marrow is responding to anemia but sending out
high GE ratio

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mitototic pool3 days
matuation pool3 days
storage pool3 days

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cats and dogs, pigs, rodges and birds have large granulocte bone marrow storage pools
large storage pools meanmounts strong inflammatory neutrophila
small granulocte bone marrow pools specieshorses, rumi, primates
what does pool size mean for riif you have a dog that has mild leukocytosis its not significant, but if you have a horse that has a "mild" slightly elevated that is significant