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What are causes of monocytosis?chronic or acute inflammation
What type of leukogram is seen with monocytosis?stress leukogram
what are causes of monocytopenia?none! at least clinically useful
What are causes of eosinophilia?parasitic infection, hypersensitivity, less common: idiopathic, tumor -releated, hypoadrencorticism (addisons)
do you see eosinopenia or eosinophilia with a stress leukogram?eosinopenia
What are causes of basophilia?similar to eosinophilia: parasitic infection, hypersensitivity, less common: idiopathic, tumor -releated, hypoadrencorticism (addisons)
What is the difference between a basophil and a mast cell?The nucleus: mast cells have a round nucleus compared to a baso that has a curved nucleus
What are causes of basopenia?none of significance

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What are causes of lymphocytosis?physiologic, antigenic stimulation, bovine leukemia virus
What type of response do you see with a physiologic lymphocytosis?epinephrine response- similar to neutrophilia
what are some causes of antigenic stimulation lymphocytosisusually chronic- rickettsial disease- ehrlichiosis
bovine leukemia virus infection is associated with...?persistent lymphocytosis ( >15,000)
If a Bovine has persistent lymphocytosis, does this mean they have leukemia?NO! this virus stimulates chronic lymphocytosis but only a small % of animals will cont. on to develop leukemia
What are causes of lymphopeniaimmuno-suppression by drugs, loss of lymph (uncommon), imunodeficiency
do you see a lymphopenia or lymphocytosis with a stress leukogramlymphopenia
how do you evaluate leukocytesput into big picture, look for trends, use absolute numbers - NOT percentages

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What does toxic change of WBC usually indicate?acute intense inflammatory process
where are neutrophils with toxic features formed?in the bone marrow under intense inflammatory influences
what are some examples of toxic featurescytoplasmic basophilia (retained RNA and ribosomes), dohle bodies (aggregatges of RER), vacuolated foamy cytoplasm, toxic granules, giant neutrophils, bands or metamyelocytes
what are dohle bodiesaggregates of RER-- think toxemia too
what are cytoplasmic basophiliaretained RNA and ribosomes
What is an example of neutrophil hyposegmentationpelger huet anomaly- NOT a left shit- usually inherited or secondary
What are 4 examples of organism in leukocytesbacteremia, distemper inclusions, hepatozoon americanum, ehrlichia canis

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