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When are reticulocytes released?when there is a O2 demand
retic vs polychromatophilretic- methylene blue stain, Polychrom = wright stain
What is being stained to create a retic?reticulum- actively making proteins
what are some reasons why we see nRBC in peripheral bloodRegenerative anemia, splenic dysfunction, splenic neoplasia (hemangiosarcoma), lead poisoning
What does RBC deformability depend onCell surface: cell volume ratio, membrane properties, hemoglobin viscosity
RBC generate ____ for energyATP
what are the 4 main pathways of RBC metabolism1. glycolosy (main way-glucose), Pentose phosphate (NADPH- hienz bodies), rapaport (DPG)- affinity for O2). methehemoglobin
what is the primary function of RBCto carry O2 and CO2
What are intermediate in heme production?porphyrins
P50partial pressure of O2 when Hgb is 50% saturated with O2
What happens when then the curve shift to the leftincrease affinity O2, O2 remain bound to lower O2 pressure
What happens when the curve shifts to the rightdecrease O2 affinity, easier for O2 to unload to tissues
Describe pH, DPG, temp and CO2 when the curve shifts to the right and to the leftRight: increased pH and decrease everything else. Left: decrease pH and increase everything else
Iron is an important component of what?heme
what is body iron regulated by?rate of absorption- not excretion
what is the rate of iron absorption regulated by?iron stores and erythropoiesis rate
Serum iron (SI)transferrin + iron
Serum transferrin =Total iron binding capcity (TIBC)
% saturation of transferrin how much trtansferrin is bound to iron (usually 1/3)
serum ferritin =circulating storage from of iron-less available
hypoferremia definelow serum iron = iron deficiency
what does serum iron, TIBC and serum ferritin look with iron deficiency decreased serum iron, increased or normal TIBC, deceased serum ferritin
what does serum iron, TIBC, Serum ferritn look like when iron shift to storage sites?usually due to inflammation (iron is sequestered in macrophages and marrow). decreased serum ion and TIBC, increased serum ferritin
What is hypoferremia usually an early detection of?leiomyosarcoma (this may not be true)
What is the average life span of RbC2-4 months (cats-68d, dogs-110d)
What triggers erythrocyte breakdown?triggered by changes in cell membrane and cell enzymes
how are erythrocytes removed?usually by extravascular destruction via the spleen and macrophages
what % of RBC are normally broken down in circulation via intravascular RBC destruction1%
what is release from the RBC as they are lysedhemoglobin which binds to heptoglobin
what happens to the heme?goes to macrophages and conjugated to billirubin
define hemoglobinuriahemoglobin the the urine
define hemoturia RBC in urine

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