Clin Med - Ophthalmology

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Question Answer
Entropion isEyelid goes in
What is lagophthalmos?Inability to blink
What are you doing when you blink?Reforming precorneal tear film
What composes the uvea?Iris, ciliary body & coroid....lots of BVs around in there
Where is a cataract formed?Opacity of the LENS not the cornea
What does a persistent pupillary membrane look like?Kinda looks like broken glass
You wouldn't need an eyeball if you didn't have aRetina
What's a corporea nigrans & what is its fxn?The weird irregular shaped thing in the eyes of horses, etc. It works like "sunshades" when you're out grazing in the field
What is the outermost layer of the retina?Pigment epithelium
What are the parts of the retina you can observe in an animal?Optic disk
Tapetal fundus
Non-tapetal fundus
Why does "wet eye" happen?Drainage issue or overproduction issue
Reasons for epiphora?Lids/apposition, Lacrimal drainage
Reasons for excessive lacrimation?Discomfort/pain
How can you tell if inflamed blood vessels are in on conjunctiva or in the sclera?Conjunctiva is attached to the eyelids-move the lids & if the BVs move, it's the conjunctiva. If not, sclera
Which is worse-conjunctivitis or episcleral inflammation?Episcleral
What does it mean if the eye is blue?Corneal edema
What does it mean if the eye is white?Corneal edema
Corneal scarring
Corneal lipidosis
Lipid aqueous fibrin
What does it mean if the eye is black?Corneal pigmentation, old severe hyphaema
What does it mean if the eye is yellow?Hypopyon (pus), fibrin
What does it mean if the eye is green?Tapetal coloration (eye is dilated) (lots of reflectivity)
If you see a clear bottom on an ulcer, what is this & what does it mean?This is desemer's membrane & it means that the ulcer is about to rupture (it's super deep)
What are the only 2 things you need to perform an eye exam?A pen torch/light & a 20 diopter condensing lens
How can you localize the depth of a lesion?Slit lamp biomicroscopy
Whats a big problem w/ the lens getting pierced?If the lens leaks proteins into the eye, uveitis can develop
What are 3 essential drops for an optho exam?Fluorescein
Proxymetacaine HCl
What does tropicamide do?Dilates pupil-then can look at whole of the lens & see the retina/fundus & optic nerve
What does fluorescein do?Taken up by corneal stroma-can show ulcerations
What does proxymetacaine HCl do?Lets you poke them in the eye
What is the normal rate/amount for the schirmer tear test? When it is abnormal?15 mm in 1 minute is normal
Anything LESS is abnormal (if more, it's prolly them tearing bc there is a piece of paper in their eye lol)
What does an electronic applanation tonometer measure?Intraocular pressure
What are the 2 methods of ophthalmoscopy? Explain them a little(1) Direct-view fundus directly (your face is close to the dogs face)
(2) Indirect - view areal image of fundus
Which is better-direct or indirect opth. exam?Indirect-you can see MORE (3xs more) & it is also SAFER (less chance of getting your face bit)
When retina dies, does it get darker or lighter?Lighter