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Question Answer
Approach 2 studying human behavior emphasizes purpose/usefulness of behavior? = Functionalism
Random assignment of subjects 2 experimental/control groups->b4 the experimental manipulation both groups= Tx w/ respect 2 dependent variable.
auditory cortex site where acoustical codes are decoded and interpretedWernicke’s area
Neurons stimulate glands/muscles/other neurons via chemicals fromterminal buttons
The reticular formationhelps control arousal
type of cell allows us to distinguish different wavelengths of light?Cones
binocular cue for perceiving distance?Convergence
series of lights on movie marquee R turned on/off appears single light moving around marquee =The Phi Phenomenon
stage of sleep are hynogogic sensations most likely to occur? Stage 1
Among humans, the sleep cycle repeats itself every 90 minutes
people who R hypnotized controlled by normal/conscious processes is pt of theory that says hypnosis involves= ROLE PLAYING
rule-of-thumb strategy for solving problems is called a(n)heuristic
C Dave @Party=Shy;C Dave later=outgoing*Idea that I'm likely to keep thinking Dave is shy=belief perseverance
child’s ability to recognize non-native speech sounds, Fades atThe babbling stage
how 2 get from UR house 2 friend’s house,w/o consciously knowing how to=implicit memory
According to the James-Lange theory of emotion, Umust b aware of one’s physiological arousal in order 2 experience emotion
performance at a task is best when arousal ismoderate
psychoanalytic theory,which part personality can help b/t loving/angry@her?Ego
pattern of expressing trait & having its expression reinforced by othersreciprocal determinism
Fundamental Attribution Error= refersv2 fact that people tend 2 underestimate extent others’ behavior is influenced by=situational factors
illustrates that our behavior can change our attitudes?The foot-in-the-door phenomenon
Social facilitation involvesan individual performing better at a task when others are around
their own high school is better than any of the neighboring high bias