Cleft lip and palate

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Cleft palate affects which are anterior to the incisive foramen are what?Primary palate
Clefts posterior to the incisive foramen?Secondary palate
Elaborate on soft and hard palate clefts:They are formed in week 8, due to insufficient merging of the palatine process.
What percentage of cleft lip/palate is syndromic and give some examples?20%, Pierre Robin sequence and Goldenhar sequence.
What are non-syndromic cases of cleft lip/palate influenced by?Gene environmental interactions, anitconvulsant drugs taken during pregnancy, pesticides, retinoic acids, smoking and alcohol.

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Define a sequence:A pattern of multiple anomalies derived form a single anomaly of mechanical factor.
Define a syndrome:A combination of symptoms that occur together so commonly that they constitute a distinct clinical picture.
What causes the cleft palate in Pierre Robin sequence?Glossoptosis, secondary palate fails to close because the tongue doesn't descend into the oral cavity as the mouth is too small.
Cleft lip prevalence:1 in 100 live births.
Cleft palate:1 in 2500 live births.
Which ethnic group has the highest prevalence of cleft lip/palate?Asian

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