Cleft Lip and Palate

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Muscle used for sphincter palatoplastyPalatopharyngeus
Lefort 1 has what effect on 1. nasolabial angle 2. alar base 3. tooth show in repose 4. depth of nasolabial folds1. increase angle 2. decrease alar base width 3. increase tooth show 4. decrease depth of nasolabial folds
Treatment for neurogenic problems leading to VPICustom palatal elevator
Timing of palatal expansionTimed to be just prior to ABG
Most important predictor of success of double opposing Z plastyPre-operative closure gap
Fusion of what for a cleft lip and whenMedial nasal and maxillary processes at 6-8 weeks
Fusion of what for cleft palateFrontonasal and maxillary processes
If you have a cleft lip, what are the chances you have a kid with cleft lip?4%
If you have a cleft lip and you have 1 kid with a cleft lip, what is the chance your 2nd child has a cleft lip?16%
If you have 1 kid with a cleft lip, what are the chances that your 2nd kid has a cleft lip?4%
If you have 2 children with cleft lips, what are the chances that the 3rd kid has a cleft lip?9%
What Determines the width of a posterior pharyngeal flap?The amount of pre-op lateral wall motion
Direction of anterior nasal spine in cleft lipDeviation away from cleft side and decreased projection on the cleft side. The nasal septum does deviate toward the cleft however.
L Flap in Rotation-AdvancementMedially based flap that saggitally expands the nasal sidewall
Rotation flap of millard is based whereMedially based flap
Advancement flap of millard is based whereLaterally based flap
C flap is made from what tissue and does whatMade from medial tissue and rotates into the columella
Completion of facial growth best determined bySerial cephalometric x-rays
Lateral nasal process becomes whatNasal ala
Medial nasal process becomes whatNasal tip, colummela, philthrim, and premaxilla
Blood supply to the tongueLingual arteries in the ventral side of the tongue
Chances of additional anomalies when patient has isolated cleft palate? 50%

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