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MARCUS LICINIUS CRASSUS115-53 BCE. Supported Sulla during the civil war with Marius.
MARCUS LICINIUS CRASSUSTasked with squashing Spartacus revolt
MARCUS LICINIUS CRASSUSGot rich from proscriptions and buying burning property
GNAEUS POMPEYServed in social war under his father
GNAEUS POMPEYSupported Sulla
GNAEUS POMPEYCrushed resistance to Sulla in Sicily & Africa and Demanded a triumph even though he held no office
TRIUMPHCeremony that celebrates the success of Roman military commander, who leads Roman forces to victory
RUBICONLocation where Caesar broke the law by crossing into Rome with his army then starting a civil war
CILICIAOne of three Roman provinces created by Pompey. Where Romans traded slaves with Pirates
SPARTACUSLed the slaves during the revolt against Rome
CATO THE YOUNGERGreat Grandson of Cato the Elder
CATO THE YOUNGERVoted to execute catilinarian conspirators
CATO THE YOUNGEROpposed both Pompey and Caesar
JULIUS CAESARConsul in 59 BCE along with Marcus Calpurnius
JULIUS CAESARPassed Pompey's land bill using violence
JULIUS CAESARWas part of the Populares political faction
JULIUS CAESARopposed Pompey during the civil war
MITHRADATESKing of Pontus, invaded the province of Asia in 88 surrendered to Sulla in 85
MITHRADATESAllied with Sertorius and Cilician Pirates and invaded Roman Province Bithynia
SERTORIUSCreated the counter republic consisting of lusthinians, Roman Settlers, and refugees.. Supported Marius and Cinna against Sulla...Proconsul of Spain in 83
SERTORIUSWas killed by his people