Classical Roots_Lesson 8-Vocabulary & Definitions

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Section 1

Question Answer
premieradj. First in time or importance
primaten. An archbishop or bishop who ranks highest among others.
primen. First in rank, excellence, quality, importance, or time.
primevalAdj. Belonging to the first ages; ancient.
primordialAdj. Primeval; original; fundamental.
posterityn. future generations.

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Question Answer
premiern. a prime minister or head of state
primaten. A member of the order of animals that includes monkeys, apes, and humans
PrimeAdj. Chief; most important
posterityn. A person’s descendants
posthumousAdj. Occurring or continuing after death, especially a work published after the author’s death or a child born after the father’s death.
posteriorAdj. situated behind or at the back.