Classical Roots_Lesson 8-Vocabulary Application

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Section 1

Question Answer
The winners of the Super Bowl are considered the ___ football team in the nation.premier
The Archbishop of Canterbury is ___ of England.primate
People disagree about which stage represents the ___ of
A ___ lake once covered most of California's An Joaquin Valleyprimeval
Human beings have a ___ instinct for survivalprimordial
Will our ___ inherit any wilderness lands at all?posterity
The Diary of Anne Frank, which recounts the young girl’s experiences in the Holocaust, has brought Anne ___fame.posthumous

Section 2

Question Answer
Golda Meir sought peace for Israel during her tenure as ___.premier
All___ have large-sized brains.primates
Television networks schedule their best programs during ___ time, when the greatest number of people are
The coach’s pregame talk___ the team to play hard.primed
Many automobiles in the 1920’s and 1930s had a “rumble seat,” and extra, ___ seat that opened out from what we now call the trunk.posterior
The maker of this lace tablecloth would be glad to know that four generations of her ___ have continued to use it.posterity