Classical Roots_Lesson 7-Vocabulary application

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Section 1

Question Answer
Gone with the Wind describes life in ___Georgia.antebellum
The Anglo-Saxon word half, meaning “bread,” is the ___ of the modern word loaf.antecedent
The aquatic larval stage of a tadpole is ___ to the full-grown state of a frog.anterior
Although considered extremely ____ in the nineteenth century, Impressionist paintings are now so popular that they appear on calendars and greeting cards.avant-garde
At Agincourt, English archers decimated the French ___ of mounted knights in
Although his parents tried to teach him the ___ of good manners, he remained tactless and inconsiderate.precept
The long skirts and high collars of the nineteenth century seem ___to active modern women.preposterous

Section 2

Question Answer
Writing the final paper was ___to his passing the class.antecedent
Fashions worn only by the ___ are seen everywhere after a few years.avant-garde
The___of the French Revolution discarded their powdered wigs and wore their hair
The couple felt that ___had brought them together.predestined
The president’s address ___regular broadcasts.preempts
As she picked up the letter, she had a ___that it carried bad news.premonition
The chose a hotel with ____ furnishings but little comfort.pretentious