Classical Roots A_Lesson 9

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Section 1

Question Answer
CANTAREto sing
PINGOto paint, to embroider

Section 2

Question Answer
ARTISto make
CANTAVIto sing
PINGEREto paint,to embroider

Section 3

Question Answer
-ficeto make
CANTOto sing
rhapteinto string
PINXIto paint, to emborider

Section 4

Question Answer
PICTUMto paint, to embroider
ficere or facereto make
grapha sharp-pointed tool for writing on waxen tablets
rhapteinto stitch together

Section 5

Question Answer
artifactn. an object made by human beings; often ferers to a primitive gool or toehr relick from an earlier period.
artificen. Craftiness; trickery
artlessadj. Without deceit or cunning; natural; simple.
artisann. A skilled craftsperson
parodyn. A humorous imitation of a piece of literature or music.

Section 6

Question Answer
In some distant furture hula hoops and skateboards may become treasured ___.
In the fable about a crow and a pitcther, the crow's ___ enables it to quency its thirst: it drops pebbles ito the pitcher to raise the water level high enough to drink.artifice
Because Miranda, Pospero's daughter in Shakespear's The Tempest, has lived all her life on a remote isalnd, she is ___ in the ways fo the world.artless
George Hepplewhite was such a superb ___ that his furntiture is still prized more than two centuries later.artisan
Ogden Nash's ___of Jocye Kilmer's "Trees" bemoans the ugliness of billboards in a humorous way: I think that I shall never see A billboard lovely as a tree. Indeed, unless the billobard fallI'll never see a tree at allparody

Section 7

Question Answer
artificen. Cleverness; skill
artlessn. Crude; ignorant, uncultured
parodytr.v. To mimic a style, plot, or idea for comic effect
oden. A poem usually addressed to a particular person, object or event that has stimualted deep and noble feeling ins the poet.
depicttr.v. To paint, draw, or express in a pciture or sculpture

Section 8

Question Answer
Dressing stylishly on a limited budget requires planning, imagination, and ___.artifice
The ___ patrons at the movie theater left their trash on the floor by their seats.artless
Cartoonists sometimes ___contemporary political figures or events.parody
Beginning his ___with the laine, "O wild West Wind, thou breath of Autumn's being," Percy Bysshe Shelley expresses admiration for the wind's swiftness and power and asks it to scatter the pet's words "among mankind."ode
The Bayeux Tapestry ___ the Battle of Hastings fought in 1066 between the Saxons and the Norman invaders.depicts

Section 9

Question Answer
rhapsodyn. Speech or writing expressig great pleasure or enthusiasm.
incantationn. The chanting or speaking of words seeiming to have magical power or used to create a magical spell.
recanttr. v. To take back a formal statement or belief prefiously made known.
depictt.v. To describe; to picture in words
pictographsn. A picture or drawing representing words or ideas

Section 10

Question Answer
visitors to the Grand Canyon often recount their ipressions in a ___ of detail.rhapsody
The ___, "Open, Sesame!" spoken in an Arabian Nights tale, derives form the magical powers associated with the sasame plant.incantation
Although Galileo was convinced tht the earth moves around the sun, he ___ this believe when it bourhg open conflict with the Catholic church.recanted
Jade Snow Wong ___ the life of a girl growing up in San Francisco's Chinatown in her autobiograph, Fifth Chinese Daughter.depicts
___ on the walls of paloaces in Yucatan have given archaeologists clues to Mayan mythology.pictographs