Classical Roots A_Lesson 15

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Section 1

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BOScow, ox

Section 2

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BOVIScow, ox

Section 3

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apiaryn. A place where hives or colonies of bees are kept for their honey.
aviaryn. A house, enclosure, or large cage for birds.
capern. A playful hop, leap, or skip
caninen. Member of the family of dogs.
equineadj. Pertaining to a horse; belonging to the family of horses and zebras

Section 4

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Since bees depend on sunlight to set their fligh bearings, an ___ should be located with its entrance facing east.apiary
Vibrantly colored parrots strutted inside the ___.aviary
the colorful streamers of the maypole and agile ___ of the dancers contributed to the festive ambience of an English May Day.capers
Like dogs, wolves and foxes are ___.canines

Section 5

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canineadj. Pertainings to the family of dogs, and especially the qualities associated with them.
capern. A prank or wild escapade
capricen. A sudden impulse, whim, or unmotiviated change of mind.
equestrianadj. Pertaining to a rider of hroses, or skill in riding

Section 6

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Two ___ movie stars are the faithful Rin Tintin and Lassie.canine
Mr. Toad's motor-car stealing ___ gegins with easy acceleration and ends with wheels chruning up mud in a horsepond.caper
Hating changes, cartoon character Chrlie Brown dreads the ___ of his friend Lucycaprice
rosa Bonheur, nineteenth-century painter of animals, used ___ subjects in her huge painting, "Horse Fair."equine
An accomplished ___ competitor, Robyn Smith was the firt woman jockey to win a race involving major stakes.equestrian

Section 7

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caperintr. v. To leap, frolic, or frisk about
capriciousadj. Subject to whim; umpulsive; unpredictable or fickle
equitationn. The art of riding horses
equestriann. One who rides or performs on horseback

Section 8

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the children___ excitedly when their kites began to soar.capered
Popularity is ___: yesterday's "insiders" are often on the outside today.capricious
In the middle Ages a knight was expected to becoe a master of ___.equitation
The Spaniards easily conquered the Americas not only because they were expert ___, but also becaue the native peoples had never before seen horses.equestrians

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