Classical Roots A_Lesson 14

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Section 1

Question Answer
SALIOto jump, to leap
dedown from
VOLVOto revolve
VALEOto be strong

Section 2

Question Answer
SALIREto jump, to leap
e=exout of
VALEREto be strong
VOLVEREto revolve

Section 3

Question Answer
SALUIto jump, to leap
VALUIto be strong
VOLVIto revolve

Section 4

Question Answer
SALTUMto jump, to leap
VALITUMto be strong
VOLUTUMto revolve

Section 5

Question Answer
assailtr.v. To attack violently; to assault.
desultoryadj. Jumping from one thing to another; rambling.
resilientadj. Capable of returning to the original shape after being bent or stretched
salientadj. Conspicuous; striking
valorn. Heroic courage; bravery
volubleadj. Speaking in a steady, easy flow of words; talkative; glib

Section 6

Question Answer
Mistaking distant windmills for unfriendly giants, the legendary Don Quixote___one of them with his lance.assails
After hearing five___ oral book reports, the class rejoiced when the bell rang.desultory
rubber is a ___ material.resilient
The ___ landmark in St. Louis is the Gateway arch.salient
A British nurse executed by firing squad during Worl War I, Edith Cavel proved her ___ by protecting Allied soldiers from discoveryvalor
Parents often become ___ when seplaining how things were when they were young.voluble

Section 7

Question Answer
assailtr.v. to attack with words; to ridicule or criticize harshly.
desultoryadj. Haphazard or random
resilientadj. Buoyant; recovering quickly from illness, change, or misfortune.
availtr.v. to use to one's own advantage
evolveintr. v. to develop gradually.

Section 8

Question Answer
Movie reviewers may keep audiences away if they ___a film too harshly.assail
After a ___ search for the lost ball, the golfers gave up.desultory
The ___ Lance Armstrong has won the Tour de France four times since surviving cancer in 1996.resilient
The salient characteristic of the young heroes of Horatio Alger's stroies is the ability to ___ themselves of every chance to prosper.avail
The book as we know it ___ from handwriting on papyrus to printing with movable type, a process inented by Johann Gutenberg.evolved

Section 9

Question Answer
exultintr.v. to rejoice greatly; to be triumphant
salientadj. Projecting up or out.
convalesceintr. v. To recover health after illness
prevalentadj. Widely occuring or in general use.
evolveintr.v. To change from simpler to more complex form of animal or plant life.

Section 10

Question Answer
Althea Gibson ___ when she won the Wimbledon crown in 1957.exulted
The roofs of Chinese pagodas curve up, ending with ___figures such as dragons.salient
Until this centruy a tuberculosis patient would expect to ___ slowly in a sanitarium for a year.convalesce
Destruction of rain forests continues to be ___, causing harmful changes in weather around the globe.prevalent
Biologists propose that all living things have ___ to their present forms through successive generations.evolved