Classical Roots A_Lesson 11

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Section 1

Question Answer
gradito step
IVIto go
ERROto wander, to stray

Section 2

Question Answer
EOto go
lucereto shine
ERRAREto wander, to stray
ambon both sides

Section 3

Question Answer
IREto go
epiupon, to
ERRAVIto wander, to stray
it=iremeaning to go

Section 4

Section 5

Question Answer
ITUMto go
exfrom, out of
ERRATUMto wander, to stray

Section 6

Question Answer
transgresstr. and intro. v. To go beyond or over set limits; to break a rule
transitiveadj. Describing an action carried from subject to verb to object; needing a direct object to complete the meaning of the verb.
transitoryadj lasting for only a short while
translucentadj. Permitting light to pass through, but not transparent
transientadj. Passing quickly; transitory

Section 7

Question Answer
According to the Bible, Adam and Eve___God's command when they ate fruit from the tree of knowledge.transgressed
the following sentence contains a ___verb: "The tornado destroyed the town."transitive
In comedy, problems are ___: misfortune ends and conflicts are resolved.transitory
sunlight through the ___stained glass windows made colorufl designs on the white walls.translucent
Summer vacations are all too___.transient

Section 8

Question Answer
transientadj. Staying only a short time
ambiencen. Environment; the surrounding atmosphere
aberrationn. Straying from what is normal or accepted
episoden. An incident in a person's life or in a story or play
ExodusThe departure of the Israelites from Egypt with their leader Moses.

Section 9

Question Answer
Youth hostels cater to ___guests.transient
Many writers have described the ___of Venice: its canals and gondolas, its squares and palaces.ambience
Their fourth daughter became a lawyer, an ___is this family of doctors.aberration
the ___ in The Secret Garden where lonely Mary Lennox discovers a hidden garden begins a story of friendship, believable magic, and the will to live.episode
The second book of the Bible tells the story of the ___from Egypt to the promised land of Canaan.

Section 10

Question Answer
transientn. A person or thing having a short stay.
obituaryn. Notice of a death with biographical information
erraticadj. Irregular or inconsistent in movement, habit, quality, or ideas.
exodusn. Mass departure or emigration

Section 11

Question Answer
Canada geeese are only ___ in the Midwest, resting on their migration to the north.transient
The ___ of Harriet Beecher Stowe included mention of her nine children and her novel Uncle tom's Cabin.obituary
Because Alice meets so many strange characters like The Queen of Heartsand TheMad Hatter, her journey through Wonderland is highly___.erratic
The Spanish Civil War in the 1930s caused an ___of refugees escaping to France.exodus