Classical Roots 6_Lesson 13-Vocabulary and Definitions

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Section 1

Question Answer
cosmopolitanadj. Representative of many countries
metropolitanadj. Having to do with a city ant its surrounding communities
policyn. A plan for aciton, a governing principle.
polititicann. A person who is running for, or serving in, polititcal office
generationn. The act of producing
naturalizev. To become a citizen of one country after being born in another country.

Section 2

Question Answer
cosmopolitann. At home anywhere, not bound by local or national limitations
generationn. The average time form the birth of parents tot he birth of their child
genen A unit of cells of living things that determines which traits are inherited.
generocityn. The act of giving to others, willingness to contribute
internationaladj. Between, among, or relating to two or more countries
nationalityn. The condition of belonging to a particular nation