Classical Mythology Test 3

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Question Answer
Zeus carried Europa from Asia to the island of _____. AnswerCrete
King _____ of Crete was the son of Zeus and Europa.Minos
The mother (and wife) of Oedipus is Jocasta
The famous blind soothsayer of Thebes was named _____Tiresias
How did Oedipus' mother die?Suicide by hanging
The answer to the Sphinx's riddle is "_____."Man
Oedipus was brought up by Polybus and Merope, king and queen of _____.Corinth
Briefly describe the Sphinx.Body of a Lion and head of a human.
Where precisely did Oedipus kill Laius?At a fork in a road/ Road called "Cleft Way"
What is the riddle posed by the sphinx?Which creature walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?
The name _____ means "strangler."Sphinx
The body of Polynices was ritually buried by his defiant sister _____.Antigone
The "Oedipus complex" was identified by Sigmund _____.Freud
The regent of Thebes before and after Oedipus was _____.Creon
The most familiar version of the Oedipus myth is told by the Athenian playwright _____.Sophocles
The legendary founder of Thebes is _____.Cadmus
Antigone was engaged to marry Creon's son _____.Haemon
The oracle at Delphi told Oedipus that he was fated to kill his _____ and marry his _____.father, mother
Name the two sons born to Oedipus and Jocasta.Eteocles and Polynices\
In order to abduct Europa, Zeus took on the form of a _____.Bull
Cadmus followed a _____ to the site where he was to found Thebes.a cow with a white,heifer
Briefly describe the positions of Creon and Antigone regarding the burial of Polynices.Polyneices has distanced himself from them, and that they are prohibited from treating him as a fellow-citizen and burying him as is the custom for citizens.
The founding families of Thebes were born from _____ sown by Cadmus.Dragon's teeth
Name the two daughters born to Oedipus and Jocasta.Antigone and Ismene
If you were to see in a museum a painting of a woman riding on the back of a bull, the woman would most likely be _____.Europa
What did Oedipus do to himself upon seeing his mother's corpse?Blinds himself
The final episode in the life of Oedipus is presented in Sophocles' play _____ _________ ______.Oedipus at Colonus
The biological father of Oedipus is _____.Laius
After striking two copulating snakes, Tiresias was turned from a man into a _____.woman
Creon gave the order that the body of _____ was not to be buried.Polynices
The city of Thebes had a total of _____