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Kadian (Pro, )generic name: morphine
KG-Dal HD generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
KG-Dal HD Plus generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
KG-Tuss HD generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone/pseudoephedrine
KG-Tussin generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/pseudoephedrine
KGS-HC generic name: hydrocodone/potassium guaiacolsulfonate
Kwelcof generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone
Lazanda (Pro, )generic name: fentanyl
Levall 5.0 generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Levo-Dromoran (Pro, )generic name: levorphanol
Liquadd generic name: dextroamphetamine
Liquicet (Pro, )generic name: acetaminophen/hydrocodone
Liquicough HC generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Liquituss HD generic name: hydrocodone/pseudoephedrine
Liquitussin HC Syrup generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Lorcet generic name: acetaminophen/hydrocodone
Lorcet 10/650 (Pro, )generic name: acetaminophen/hydrocodone
Lorcet HD generic name: acetaminophen/hydrocodone
Lorcet Plus (Pro, )generic name: acetaminophen/hydrocodone
Lortab (Pro, )generic name: acetaminophen/hydrocodone
Lortab ASA generic name: aspirin/hydrocodone
Lortuss HC generic name: hydrocodone/phenylephrine
M O S generic name: morphine
M-END generic name: brompheniramine/hydrocodone/pseudoephedrine
M-Eslon generic name: morphine
M-Oxy generic name: oxycodone
Magnacet (Pro, )generic name: acetaminophen/oxycodone
Marcof Expectorant generic name: hydrocodone/potassium guaiacolsulfonate
Margesic H generic name: acetaminophen/hydrocodone
Max HC generic name: carbinoxamine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Maxi-Tuss HC generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Maxi-Tuss HCG generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone
Maxi-Tuss HCX generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Maxi-Tuss SA generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Maxidone (Pro, )generic name: acetaminophen/hydrocodone
Medcodin generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone
Medtuss HD generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone/pseudoephedrine
Mepergan generic name: meperidine/promethazine
Mepergan Fortis generic name: meperidine/promethazine
Meperitab generic name: meperidine
Meprozine generic name: meperidine/promethazine
Metadate CD (Pro, )generic name: methylphenidate
Metadate ER (Pro, )generic name: methylphenidate
Methadone Diskets generic name: methadone
Methadose (Pro, )generic name: methadone
Methadose Sugar-Free generic name: methadone
Methylin (Pro, )generic name: methylphenidate
Methylin ER generic name: methylphenidate
Mintex HC generic name: carbinoxamine/hydrocodone/pseudoephedrine
Mintuss G generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Mintuss MR generic name: hydrocodone/phenylephrine/pyrilamine
Mintuss MS generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Mintuss NX generic name: hydrocodone/potassium guaiacolsulfonate
Monte-G HC generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone
MonteFlu HC generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
MorphaBond generic name: morphine
Morphine LP Epidural generic name: morphine
Morphine Rapi-Ject generic name: morphine
Morphine Sulfate ER generic name: morphine
Morphine Sulfate IR generic name: morphine
Morphine Sulfate SR generic name: morphine
Morphitec generic name: morphine
MS Contin (Pro, )generic name: morphine
MS/S generic name: morphine
MSIR generic name: morphine
Nalex Expectorant generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone/pseudoephedrine
Nalex-DH generic name: hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Narcof generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone
Nariz HC generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Narvox generic name: acetaminophen/oxycodone
Nasatuss generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Nazarin HC generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Neo HC generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Norco (Pro, )generic name: acetaminophen/hydrocodone
Notuss generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/pseudoephedrine
Notuss PD generic name: dexchlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Notuss-Forte generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/pseudoephedrine
Novasus generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone
Nucynta (Pro, )generic name: tapentadol
Nucynta ER (Pro, )generic name: tapentadol
Numorphan (Pro, )generic name: oxymorphone
Numorphan HCl generic name: oxymorphone
Obredon (Pro, )generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone
OMS generic name: morphine
Onsolis (Pro, )generic name: fentanyl
Opana (Pro, )generic name: oxymorphone
Opana ER (Pro, )generic name: oxymorphone
Oramorph SR (Pro, )generic name: morphine
Orlaam generic name: levomethadyl acetate
Oxaydo (Pro, )generic name: oxycodone
Oxecta (Pro, )generic name: oxycodone
Oxycet generic name: acetaminophen/oxycodone
OxyContin (Pro, )generic name: oxycodone
Oxydose generic name: oxycodone
Oxyfast generic name: oxycodone
OxyIR generic name: oxycodone
P-V-Tussin generic name: hydrocodone/pseudoephedrine
P-V-Tussin Syrup generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/pseudoephedrine
Palladone (Pro, )generic name: hydromorphone
Panacet generic name: acetaminophen/hydrocodone
Panasal 5/500 generic name: aspirin/hydrocodone
Pancof HC generic name: hydrocodone/pseudoephedrine
Pancof XP generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone
Pediatex HC generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/pseudoephedrine
Percocet (Pro, )generic name: acetaminophen/oxycodone
Percocet 10/325 generic name: acetaminophen/oxycodone
Percocet 10/650 generic name: acetaminophen/oxycodone
Percocet 2.5/325 generic name: acetaminophen/oxycodone
Percocet 5/325 generic name: acetaminophen/oxycodone
Percocet 7.5/325 generic name: acetaminophen/oxycodone
Percocet 7.5/500 generic name: acetaminophen/oxycodone
Percodan (Pro, )generic name: aspirin/oxycodone
Percodan-Demi generic name: aspirin/oxycodone
Percolone generic name: oxycodone
Perloxx generic name: acetaminophen/oxycodone
PhendaCof Plus generic name: hydrocodone/phenylephrine/pyrilamine
Phendal-HD generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Phenylephrine HD generic name: hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Pneumotussin generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone
Pneumotussin 2.5 generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone
Pneumotussin HC generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone
Poly Hist HC generic name: hydrocodone/phenylephrine/pyrilamine
Poly-Tussin HD generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Poly-Tussin XP generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone/pseudoephedrine
Primlev (Pro, )generic name: acetaminophen/oxycodone
ProCentra (Pro, )generic name: dextroamphetamine
Procof generic name: hydrocodone/potassium guaiacolsulfonate
Procof D generic name: hydrocodone/potassium guaiacolsulfonate/pseudoephedrine
Prolex DH generic name: hydrocodone/potassium guaiacolsulfonate
Propatuss Expectorant generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone
Protuss generic name: hydrocodone/potassium guaiacolsulfonate
Protuss-D generic name: hydrocodone/potassium guaiacolsulfonate/pseudoephedrine
Pseudatex HC generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone/pseudoephedrine
Q-V Tussin generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/pseudoephedrine
Qual-Tussin DC generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
QuilliChew ER generic name: methylphenidate
Quillivant XR (Pro, )generic name: methylphenidate
Quindal HD generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Quindal HD Plus generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Relacon-HC generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Relacon-HC NR generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Relasin-HC generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Relasin-HCX generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone
Reprexain (Pro, )generic name: hydrocodone/ibuprofen
Rescudose generic name: morphine
Rezira (Pro, )generic name: hydrocodone/pseudoephedrine
Rindal HD Plus generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Rindal HPD generic name: diphenhydramine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Rindal-HD generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Ritalin (Pro, )generic name: methylphenidate
Ritalin LA (Pro, )generic name: methylphenidate
Ritalin-SR generic name: methylphenidate
RMS generic name: morphine
Rolatuss with Hydrocodone generic name: hydrocodone/pheniramine/phenylephrine/phenylpropanolamine/pyrilamine
Roxanol generic name: morphine
Roxanol 100 generic name: morphine
Roxanol-T generic name: morphine
Roxicet (Pro, )generic name: acetaminophen/oxycodone
Roxicodone (Pro, )generic name: oxycodone
Roxicodone Intensol generic name: oxycodone
Roxilox generic name: acetaminophen/oxycodone
Roxiprin generic name: aspirin/oxycodone
Ru-Tuss with Hydrocodone generic name: hydrocodone/pheniramine/phenylephrine/phenylpropanolamine/pyrilamine
S-T Forte generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone/pheniramine/phenylephrine/phenylpropanolamine
S-T Forte 2 generic name: chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone
Seconal generic name: secobarbital
Seconal Sodium (Pro, )generic name: secobarbital
Seconal Sodium Pulvules generic name: secobarbital
Simuc-HD generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Spantuss HD generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone/pseudoephedrine
SRC Expectorant generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone/pseudoephedrine
Stagesic (Pro, )generic name: acetaminophen/hydrocodone
Statex generic name: morphine
Su-Tuss HD Elixir generic name: guaifenesin/hydrocodone/pseudoephedrine
Sublimaze (Pro, )generic name: fentanyl
Subsys (Pro, )generic name: fentanyl
Sufenta (Pro, )generic name: sufentanil
SymTan generic name: hydrocodone/pseudoephedrine
SymTan A generic name: brompheniramine/hydrocodone/pseudoephedrine